Friday, April 5, 2013

Purse Dump

My purse is a nightmare.  Everything I touch goes into it.  Everything Little Miss picks up and tries to put in her mouth, throw or stick in her ear goes in there.  Everything i try to remove from the car to keep the car clean goes in there.  I think small critters jump in to feast.
It's awful. 
I realized it was time for the dump, when at the grocery store, and I couldn't find my bank card, but found several unwrapped Halls lozenges instead...all floating in the sea of dirt and crumbs. 
So I dumped.
Yep...It was all in there.
Exhibit A

Two unwrapped Halls lozenges. 
Two wrapped Halls lozenges. 
Two half empty packs of Halls lozenges. 
One flattened piece of garbage guessed it - Halls lozenges.
Three hair elastics.
An apple stem
A pen
One tiny red flower from Little Miss' hair clip
A disposable camera from our vacation in October
One earring.
A dime.

Exhibit B

One bottle of prescription medication (I was almost out and brought it with me to get a refill).
One pack of eye drops - free from the eye doctor
One granola bar...or noga bar as Little Miss calls them.
One travel size bottle of Advil, which actually contains both Advil and Tylenol.
One one hair elastic at the top of the pic.
Exhibit C

One pastel pink lipstick (that I hate).
One fiery red lipstick - that I bought for Halloween.
Two Blistex tubes.
One tiny tape measure
One briefcase lock
The corner of the envelope I was supposed to have mailed about an hour prior...Happy Birthday Carol!
In addition to all of that crap, I found the following:
-a receipt from my massage the week before to fix my back (it helped!)
-a wrapped pack of kleenex with no kleenex left
-Two pairs of sunglasses
-a drugstore receipt
-a Twoonie and a nickel
-a cheque I wrote and dated incorrectly
-three dirty kleenexes
-a coupon for a ticket I bought to win a trip - I think it was actually some time share scam
-two brochures for something - I am not sure what the service is - they may have been for the new company doing our workplace counselling...or I may have picked them up on the ground.
-my Canadian passport
-a pair of headphones that I could not locate the night before
-a Tim's gift card
-approx 2 tbsp of dirt/crumbs/fairy dust
That is all.  And that concludes my purse dump.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

My Baby Is Leaving

I am slightly melancholy.  I don't use that word very often, but I like it.  Melancholy.  Melon Colly

Anyways - my baby is leaving.  Not my little one but my big baby.  the baby that still likes when his mommy makes him a sandwich, or a nice stirfry.  The one who loves when he sometimes comes home to fresh sheets in an otherwise uninhabitable bedroom.  The one who gets a sheepish look and says "Thanks mom," when I bring him home a treat from the grocery store.  Yes he is 18.  And yes, he sometimes could be 6.

It is not for sure, but he has applied at a university about 5-6 hrs away for next year.  He goes this weekend for a campus tour and an academic tour.  I am excited for him.  I remember that feeling of packing some boxes and moving away from home for the first time.  It was exciting and a bit scary...but mostly exciting!

I am sad that he won't be here all the time, but who am I kidding - I only see him these days when I cook a nice meal...then he crawls out of the woodwork long enough to scarf down some grub, before moving back to his shadows.  Actually he does play with his baby sis sometimes too.  That kid sure loves her big brother.  Most of the time.  Sometimes he acts like he really is 6 or 7, bugging her until she's whining and running to mommy.  Then he laughs like an evil fiend.

As he prepares to leave (okay not for five more months) I have started to think about sending him care packages - baked goods, and canned pasta, granola bars and toothpaste...I figure I'll save at least $200 a month in groceries so I can certainly send him a care package now and then.  And go to the spa with the cash I save!  Woot!

I am also thinking about re-doing his room, but since he'll likely be home for four months each summer, it may be best to hold off on that just a bit longer... (Or find ways for my inner Martha to come out, that still maintains a room for much I could do!)

The joys of sending your child off in the world, hoping you have built up his wings to be strong enough to fly on his own, but to always return to you.  Bittersweet.