Monday, May 27, 2013

Running Like The Wind...or a Soft Breeze Perhaps

I did it!  I ran 21.1k!  Yep!  It was tough, and by the 19 km mark, I was cursing and wondering who the heck *chooses* this???  But with 100m left, I sprinted with all I had, and finished strong.  My time was not what I'd hoped for, but all along I said that my real goal was crossing the finish line.  With a pulse.  And I accomplished both!  My chip time was 2:35:21.  I will admit that strangely, before the day was through I was thinking about doing another run, now that I know what to expect.  I guess this makes me a runner!

Little Miss and my dear hubby came to cheer me on.  I wasn't exactly sure where they would be, so I found myself scanning the spectators for the last few km - which was a bit difficult to do.  Next time I will ask where they plan to be, so I can just focus on the run (and pain! haha)

I saw them with 150 m left, and gave them both high fives which was awesome!  Little Miss had a huge grin on her face.  Upon finishing the race, I found my calves seizing up a bit while I waited to get out of the 'finishing area'.  My lower body hurt so bad, and standing still was not helping.  Once I found my sis (who ran it in less than 2hrs!!!) and my DH and Little Miss, we made our way to the car.  It was only later that we realized we left so fast we forgot to get our standard post race pics...disappointing!

The car was about 18 km away.  Or at least that's how it felt.  It was a tough walk, and it felt like we walked to the next city.  We finally found the parking garage, and DH tells us "I hope we can get in - the doors all seemed to lock when I left."  ummmmm.  That's not something I want to hear when I hurt so bad!

So we tried several doors, and none worked.  I found the button to call security and they let us in.  As we walked down the steep ramp (oh yes, that's where my hamstrings went), Little Miss tells us proudly that she got to ride up in the elligator.  Pardon?

We got to go up in the elligator mommy!  It's my new favourite word.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Actual Conversation With a 2 Yr Old

I have been running lately.  I am running a half marathon in 2 first ever.  Probably my last.  I am excited, anxious and a bit nervous.  My Little Miss has seen me running often lately.  Thus the following conversation, in our car while we drove to Grandma's:

(We are stopped at a set of lights, and a woman runs by, wearing a pink running shirt much like one of mine, and with curly hair in a pony tail, just like i often wear - I didn't think of these things until...)

Little Miss: "Mommy, it's a girl running."
Me: "Yes honey, she is running."
LM: "Is that you mommy?"

Insert short pause...

Me: "What honey?"
LM: "Is it you running over there?"
Me: "No honey, I am right here."
LM: "But is that you running?"
Me: (Sort of speechless) "Um, no honey, mommy is right here, that is another lady."
LM: "Oh, so that's not you?"
Me: "No sweetie."

I was floored.  What a naive, wonderful, bizarre, innocent perspective.

The way little kids see things is so very amazing.