Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Are We Going To The Liver Walk???

Hi All - My Dear Hubby and I went to the Canadian Liver Foundation's Stroll For Liver on Sunday.  We submitted a team, with a fundraising goal of $1000.  We raised $2010.  Since it was just the two of us, we were pretty happy with this and so very grateful to those who donated.

We took Little Miss, and it was a chilly, rainy June day.  Last year it was hot, so hot.  We wore shorts, sweated, and really just wanted to jump in the nearby beach water.  This year we wore jeans, long sleeve shirts and jackets, and brought umbrellas.  We got wet...very wet.  The nice thing is, Little Miss loves the puddles.  She ran almost the entire route, jumping in each puddle as she went.  She seemed sad between puddles, as if the lack of pools of water were disappointing and sad.  By the end of the route, she (and we) was (were) soaked.  We went inside to warm up, and I changed her wet shirt.  I wished I had dry shoes and pants, as my toes wrinkled into shrivelled prunes.

We bought raffle tickets, and won two (yes 2!!!) prizes.  We won a picnic basket - a really nice insulated bag that would keep both food and drinks cold, as well as a golf foursome.  DH is happy about that - and I may go with him if we find another couple!

This was all on Sunday.  It is now Tuesday.  As I tucked Little Miss into bed, she asked "Can I go to the Liver Walk?"  I replied, "No, the Liver Walk was Sunday - it's over now."

She asked again, "Where's the Liver Walk?"

I replied, "It's over honey, we'll do it again next year."

She said, "Where's the Liver Walk?"

I again replied, "All done, next year."

She asked, "But where is the Liver Walk?"

I said, "Done."

She asked, "But where is it?"

I replied, "Finished, and if you ask again, you don't get to come..."

Best Parent Award please...

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Shopping with my Octopus

Yes.  I am a sucker for punishment.  Now read on.

I am swamped...totally swamped in life these days.  I thought I might have time to deke into the grocery store for a few things before getting Little Miss yesterday but it didn't work out that way.  I needed a few things, so I thought "I'll just get enough to get us through to tomorrow, and come back without her"  What is it they say about the best laid plans???

In we go, and she brings her Baby sister (it's a dolly) and Baby Sister's bottle.  As I get the cart she asks, "Can I walk, Mommy?"  somehow I have gone senile in my old age, because I replied, "Yes as long as you stay close...if you leave my side, you have to ride in the cart."

WHAT?!?!  I know.  That's what you are thinking.

Into the produce section we go, and except for her stepping a bit away from the cart, she did very well.  She named all of the fruit and veggies, and asked what things were.  People going past could hear a wee voice say "Apples, green bananas, yellow bananas, abocado, green pepper, red, pepper, yellow pepper, potatoes" 
"No honey, those are tomatoes, not potatoes"
"Tomatoes, Cantaloupe"
"No, that's a watermelon - this is a cantaloupe."

You get the point - she knows a lot of fruits and veggies so it was cute, and kept her mind occupied. 

As I reached for some green peppers, she gently pushed on the cart, saw that she could make it moved and tried to ram the lady in front of us.  Luckily the lady took a step and I grabbed the cart in the right order to avoid a lawsuit.

The trouble continued in the bread and cereal aisle.  By then I was feeling confident enough to buy a few more things, in hopes that I could hold off on a return trip for a few days.  She began to run away down the aisle.  I told her to come back, and if she didn't she had to ride.  She looked at me in a mocking way.  I began to count...One Two...and back she came, knowing that mommy doesn't mess around with her one two three's.  Baby Sister was placed on her head in the cart.  Then she was placed on top of the tomatoes...smashed on top is a better descriptor of the

We turn to go to the next aisle, and she asks "Can I run?"  I will give my girl credit - when she wants to run and she knows she's probably not allowed, she sometimes asks.  And she sometimes listens when I say no.  "No," I say.  She listened.  For a minute.

We skipped a few aisles - mainly in hops that i could get to the milk and get to the cash before i lost her completely.  In the pickle aisle, we had a near disaster, as she reached for the biggest jar of dill pickles I have ever seen...I got to her just in time to avoid the great pickle explosion.  By this point I had mentioned the idea of riding in the cart no fewer than four times.  Not a good tactic since she probably was rolling her eyes saying "Yeah lady, whatever, I'm FREEEEEE!" in her head.

I bypassed the yogurt and eggs to get through the last aisle quickly.  She did her best to rip the bag of french fries from the cart...I played a small game of tug of war in the cheese section, but I won!  First time for everything!

I lost her as we turned the last corner en route to the checkout.  She saw a display of chocolate bars in a giant plastic display stand.  She began to drum on the display.  Bang, bang, bang.

She then sort of walked a couple of steps, lolling her head like a rag doll.  She asked "Can I sleep on the floor?"


I turn for a second and turn back to find her sprawled on the floor by the checkout, with her hands under her head and her eyes closed.  I counted to two and she ran over to me.

She asked "Can I help?" and I told her that would be great.  As a result, our loaf of bread has five pieces that were inside of her fist while she was helping.  Our milk nearly hit the floor.  One tomato didn't make it.  Our strawberries went FLYING when she grabbed them by the lid...and of course I was too embarrassed to tell the guy I didn't want them, so I picked them all up and bought them.

Then she stepped back, one step, two steps, three steps, all while watching me with a conniving look in her eyes that said "I can do what I want, come and get me, oh, I moved back, come and get me, oh I'm moving again...".  As I stepped forward to get her, she shrieked and ran off.  I knew I was done when I sternly said, "Come back right now or you don't get to come home with me."  Yep. 

Mom of The Year folks. 

I ran to get her since she wasn't at all concerned about living at the grocery store.  I picked her up and placed her in the cart, while she struggled and tried to climb out.  At this point I have one hand on her arm, to at least catch her should she succeed in climbing out, and one hand grabbing bags from the cashier.  at this point she begins to yell "My arm!  You're hurting my arm!"  Everyone turns to stare.  I tell her to sit still and I will let go - I try to let go and she goes right back to her escape effort.  I break out in a sweat as I try to wrestle the bags in the back of the cart while holding her with the other hand, using my toes to get my bank card out and my nose to push the buttons to pay.  Obviously not quite but I may as well have. 

By the time I was walking away, she stops trying to escape and calls out to all in earshot, "Bye!  Have a good day!"

I need a personal shopper!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Potty Woes

Little Miss is toilet training.  Well...sort of.  When my kiddo was little, I had always been told, "When they are ready, you'll know."  And I did.  One day at almost 3 yrs old, he just started to use the toilet.  Done.

Our wee girl is proving that girls are complicated creatures.  First off, she's had issues with her bowel due to milk allergies/sensitivities since the age of one.  Because of that, she goes through bouts where she cannot poop - by the time she does, it's horrible and painful for her.  As a result, we suspect she may not poop on the toilet until she's twelve.  We decided not to push it.  We offer now and then, and she says yes or no.

Lately, she's begun saying "I have pees" - translation - "I have to go pee."

It's inconsistent, and she is very reluctant refuses to wear big girl panties.  She'll be three in September, and honestly, I don't care if she isn't fully trained until she's almost four.  I am in no hurry, and refuse to traumatize her more than necessary regarding toilet use.  that said, if she doesn't get over her fear in the next year, she won't be able to start school - guess we'll cross that road when it comes.

For now, my wee one can go at her own pace.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Running Like The Wind...or a Soft Breeze Perhaps

I did it!  I ran 21.1k!  Yep!  It was tough, and by the 19 km mark, I was cursing and wondering who the heck *chooses* this???  But with 100m left, I sprinted with all I had, and finished strong.  My time was not what I'd hoped for, but all along I said that my real goal was crossing the finish line.  With a pulse.  And I accomplished both!  My chip time was 2:35:21.  I will admit that strangely, before the day was through I was thinking about doing another run, now that I know what to expect.  I guess this makes me a runner!

Little Miss and my dear hubby came to cheer me on.  I wasn't exactly sure where they would be, so I found myself scanning the spectators for the last few km - which was a bit difficult to do.  Next time I will ask where they plan to be, so I can just focus on the run (and pain! haha)

I saw them with 150 m left, and gave them both high fives which was awesome!  Little Miss had a huge grin on her face.  Upon finishing the race, I found my calves seizing up a bit while I waited to get out of the 'finishing area'.  My lower body hurt so bad, and standing still was not helping.  Once I found my sis (who ran it in less than 2hrs!!!) and my DH and Little Miss, we made our way to the car.  It was only later that we realized we left so fast we forgot to get our standard post race pics...disappointing!

The car was about 18 km away.  Or at least that's how it felt.  It was a tough walk, and it felt like we walked to the next city.  We finally found the parking garage, and DH tells us "I hope we can get in - the doors all seemed to lock when I left."  ummmmm.  That's not something I want to hear when I hurt so bad!

So we tried several doors, and none worked.  I found the button to call security and they let us in.  As we walked down the steep ramp (oh yes, that's where my hamstrings went), Little Miss tells us proudly that she got to ride up in the elligator.  Pardon?

We got to go up in the elligator mommy!  It's my new favourite word.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Actual Conversation With a 2 Yr Old

I have been running lately.  I am running a half marathon in 2 days...my first ever.  Probably my last.  I am excited, anxious and a bit nervous.  My Little Miss has seen me running often lately.  Thus the following conversation, in our car while we drove to Grandma's:

(We are stopped at a set of lights, and a woman runs by, wearing a pink running shirt much like one of mine, and with curly hair in a pony tail, just like i often wear - I didn't think of these things until...)

Little Miss: "Mommy, it's a girl running."
Me: "Yes honey, she is running."
LM: "Is that you mommy?"

Insert short pause...

Me: "What honey?"
LM: "Is it you running over there?"
Me: "No honey, I am right here."
LM: "But is that you running?"
Me: (Sort of speechless) "Um, no honey, mommy is right here, that is another lady."
LM: "Oh, so that's not you?"
Me: "No sweetie."

I was floored.  What a naive, wonderful, bizarre, innocent perspective.

The way little kids see things is so very amazing.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Purse Dump

My purse is a nightmare.  Everything I touch goes into it.  Everything Little Miss picks up and tries to put in her mouth, throw or stick in her ear goes in there.  Everything i try to remove from the car to keep the car clean goes in there.  I think small critters jump in to feast.
It's awful. 
I realized it was time for the dump, when at the grocery store, and I couldn't find my bank card, but found several unwrapped Halls lozenges instead...all floating in the sea of dirt and crumbs. 
So I dumped.
Yep...It was all in there.
Exhibit A

Two unwrapped Halls lozenges. 
Two wrapped Halls lozenges. 
Two half empty packs of Halls lozenges. 
One flattened piece of garbage from...you guessed it - Halls lozenges.
Three hair elastics.
An apple stem
A pen
One tiny red flower from Little Miss' hair clip
A disposable camera from our vacation in October
One earring.
A dime.

Exhibit B

One bottle of prescription medication (I was almost out and brought it with me to get a refill).
One pack of eye drops - free from the eye doctor
One granola bar...or noga bar as Little Miss calls them.
One travel size bottle of Advil, which actually contains both Advil and Tylenol.
One one hair elastic at the top of the pic.
Exhibit C

One pastel pink lipstick (that I hate).
One fiery red lipstick - that I bought for Halloween.
Two Blistex tubes.
One tiny tape measure
One briefcase lock
The corner of the envelope I was supposed to have mailed about an hour prior...Happy Birthday Carol!
In addition to all of that crap, I found the following:
-a receipt from my massage the week before to fix my back (it helped!)
-a wrapped pack of kleenex with no kleenex left
-Two pairs of sunglasses
-a drugstore receipt
-a Twoonie and a nickel
-a cheque I wrote and dated incorrectly
-three dirty kleenexes
-a coupon for a ticket I bought to win a trip - I think it was actually some time share scam
-two brochures for something - I am not sure what the service is - they may have been for the new company doing our workplace counselling...or I may have picked them up on the ground.
-my Canadian passport
-a pair of headphones that I could not locate the night before
-a Tim's gift card
-approx 2 tbsp of dirt/crumbs/fairy dust
That is all.  And that concludes my purse dump.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

My Baby Is Leaving

I am slightly melancholy.  I don't use that word very often, but I like it.  Melancholy.  Melon Colly

Anyways - my baby is leaving.  Not my little one but my big baby.  the baby that still likes when his mommy makes him a sandwich, or a nice stirfry.  The one who loves when he sometimes comes home to fresh sheets in an otherwise uninhabitable bedroom.  The one who gets a sheepish look and says "Thanks mom," when I bring him home a treat from the grocery store.  Yes he is 18.  And yes, he sometimes could be 6.

It is not for sure, but he has applied at a university about 5-6 hrs away for next year.  He goes this weekend for a campus tour and an academic tour.  I am excited for him.  I remember that feeling of packing some boxes and moving away from home for the first time.  It was exciting and a bit scary...but mostly exciting!

I am sad that he won't be here all the time, but who am I kidding - I only see him these days when I cook a nice meal...then he crawls out of the woodwork long enough to scarf down some grub, before moving back to his shadows.  Actually he does play with his baby sis sometimes too.  That kid sure loves her big brother.  Most of the time.  Sometimes he acts like he really is 6 or 7, bugging her until she's whining and running to mommy.  Then he laughs like an evil fiend.

As he prepares to leave (okay not for five more months) I have started to think about sending him care packages - baked goods, and canned pasta, granola bars and toothpaste...I figure I'll save at least $200 a month in groceries so I can certainly send him a care package now and then.  And go to the spa with the cash I save!  Woot!

I am also thinking about re-doing his room, but since he'll likely be home for four months each summer, it may be best to hold off on that just a bit longer... (Or find ways for my inner Martha to come out, that still maintains a room for him...so much I could do!)

The joys of sending your child off in the world, hoping you have built up his wings to be strong enough to fly on his own, but to always return to you.  Bittersweet.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

That Was a Good Show!

Clearly my memory is short.  Or I waited way too long between children...  I thought that as Little Miss gets older, things like shopping would continue to get easier. 



Last night I picked up Little Miss from daycare, and told her we would be going to the store.  That was my first mistake (I didn't yet know at that time) but in my defense, I do occasionally take her to the store to pick something up for dinner. 

As we walked away from daycare, towards the car, she began to run away from me.  I tried shouting to make her stop, but as we were on a road (a small, quiet residential one, but a road nonetheless) I quickly ran after her. 

Like a dog, she finds it very entertaining when I have to chase her.  I caught up with her and held her hand.  She then began to flop.  We live in a cold climate have a ton of snow and ice left here, which is in the process of melting.  A lovely layer of sludge and mud now exists on the road.  She tried valiantly to drop into it.  My other hand was full, so, being careful that her arm was not pulled off or hurt, I kept trying to get her to stand and walk.


I discovered that my sweet girl is much like
Raggedy Ann when she wants to be...floppy... like a wet noodle.


Although we avoided dropping into the mud on the way to the car, while I got my keys out she found success.  She dropped to her knees, and then instantly regretted it.  Her little pink pants and boots were covered in wet, dirty, drippy, cold mud.  She screamed, and then began to cry the biggest tears over her 'ditty pants'.

A good mom might have gone home and changed her, buuuuut the grocery store was nearby, and I knew that if we went home, we wouldn't go back out.  I took my crying, muddy girl to the grocery store - we kind of looked like white trash.


At the store, she was pretty good, riding in the cart and singing at the top of her lungs.  Some shoppers smiled, while others moved away quickly, probably swearing under their breath. 

Speaking of swearing, at one point as her vocals reached glass breaking shrieks, I tried to 'shh' her.  She immediately shushed me back...then launched into a tirade of "Shhhit! Shhhhit!  Shit Shit Shit!!" over and over, getting progressively louder.  Of course she had a grin the size of a dinner plate as she shouted, knowing this is not a nice word.

Now, moms of little ones, you know that the best way to dissuade this behaviour is to either ignore or redirect.  I started trying to ignore, but by the second or third SHIT, realized that if I didn't stop her, I'd burst out laughing.  And having done that before, I know that that is NOT going to solve the problem. 

I held up the list and began to loudly and animatedly talk about what we needed next "LOOK!  Pickles!  Let's get some PICKLES!!!  What kind would you like?!?"


Ahh yes - insane shopping mommy wins this round, as the swearing ended quickly, forgottenin the swirl of gherkins and dills.


I had picked up two pairs of Joe Fresh (love this stuff!) shorts for her, since she grows like a weed.  While I got eggs, she proceeded to rip the extra button provided with the shorts, and try to pull the actual button from the shorts.  I took the shorts, and then she popped the extra button in her mouth.  She normally doesn't put things in her mouth, but lately has been doing it for attention.  I counted to three and told her I would take the button (don't worry - I could still see it!).  She took it out, then popped it right back in.  I reached in, risking fingers and skin, and took the button.


We got to the line up, which is when the next fun began.  She likes to hand things to me, so I try to put only light, non breakable things in the top of the cart.  But this time, instead of helping, she began to launch things at the lady behind us.  The green pepper went flying.  The apples almost got launched.  The shorts were thrown to the floor.  The limes went everywhere.  I grabbed everything from the top as quickly as possible.

As I tried to put everything on the belt, she leaned over and tried to grab some magazines.  As I  quickly paid, she flung her boots off her feet and her hat on the floor.  She then popped the button back in her mouth.  The button???  How did she get it back?  Yup.  At some point my pick pocket daughter had reached in my pocket to retrieve her loot!  Thief!

Button back in pocket.  Boots on.  Boots kicked off.  Boots back on.  Boots kicked off.  Boots placed in cart.  Child cries because mommy won't put her boots on.  Mommy looks around waiting for child services to approach.

We finally got out of line, left the store and I thought I was home free.

At the car, I quickly placed the bags in the trunk, including the boots which caused more tears.  "I want my boots!" could be heard three aisles over. 

I pick up my muddy child (getting dirt on me in the process), and place her in her car seat...uhhhhh...TRY to place her in her seat.  For the first time ever, she becomes "Super Pole", becoming so rigid and stiff that I cannot get her bum into the seat.  Her ankles and head are touching the seat - but nothing else.  While fearing I might break her, I began to push her mid section into the seat, slowly, inch by inch, and once there, placed my elbow in the groove on the seat so she was in place for the belt. 

It was like wrestling an Octopus. 

Once she is fully strapped in, I walk around the car feeling like I have maybe won a small victory in finally heading home.  Yay Mommy!

As we waited to turn, she says in the most upbeat voice...

"That was a good show!"

Ummm, what?!?!?!?  I reply, "Show?  Did you go to a show?"

"Yes, that was a good show mommy!" she replies.

Well, I guess it was a show of sorts.  For the other shoppers. 

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Random and Updates

First, the update - I am more than happy to report that our Little Miss has pooped twice today, and neither time was traumatic.  I won't go into too much graphic detail, but the fact that she was able to go with only a bit of fear evident, and that we could change her without her screaming like we were killing her, was so comforting.  Six more months of that and she will be able to forget the trauma (according to Dr. Google).  We do still intend to get her reevaluated by her doctor, but knowing we can help manage it by being diligent is wonderful and makes us feel like good parents.

Random...Today I bought some jewellery organizers.  I don't have much in the way of baubles and bling, and most of what I do own is costume jewellery, but I have struggled with what the heck to do with it.  I am not a fan of wooden boxes, as they make me feel like I am 12 again (although I saw a gorgeous floor standing jewellery chest at the Bombay Company that I would love to own if I could spend $600 on it!)

So here are my hanging things - the stands are plain but I love them.

And here is my small drawer with a lot of junk jewels... (and rest assured - the giant strand of pearls is one I made for a roaring 20's party!)

Awhile ago, my mom built me a cool shelf/hanging thing that held some necklaces and earrings, but it got too full, and things kept falling off the top.  I plan to still use it by painting it and installing it next to my new ones for longer chains (since my new stands aren't great for the longer ones).

Yesterday we went to the local Science and Tech museum with Little Miss.  The pics are blurry as my iPhone can only do so much but gosh she had fun!

Here she is changing the world...and then pulling daddy out of the tunnel slide.

And here she is pressing the buttons to ensure that the prime minister takes her call...

Learning how to use the system that old fashioned phone operators used...she failed badly.  lol

All in all - she had a blast, as did we!

That is all!  Happy week everyone!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Taking The Pain Away

I am so sad tonight.

My poor sweet girl has struggled for two days to poop.  Or better yet, to not poop. Every ten minutes or so, she goes off to the corner, tightens her little body into a rigid plank, and strains to not let herself poop.  Any efforts by us to try to convince her to use the potty, or just to let the poop come out, are met with screeching and fighting us (if we are close).  We just don't know what to do.

The same thing happened last weekend, and when she finally couldn't hold it back any longer, she passed a rather large, solid poop - then went six more times in 24 hrs.  of course the first 4 times were extremely painful.  It's a terrible cycle - the more she holds it in, the more compacted it gets and then the harder it is to eventually pass.  This causes pain and fear which reinforces her holding in the next one.

I am making her an appt with her doctor next week, but in the meantime, we will be using stool softener as a preventative measure - to at least help her continue to go regularly without pain.  She eats relatively well with a good amount of fruits and veggies, gets exercise daily and isn't on any meds that might cause side effects.

I have no idea what caused it this time, but we are doubling our milk-free efforts.  We just cannot keep doing this.  Tonight our poor girl was spent - exhausted from holding it in over and over for two whole days.  She did finally go, and then screamed, cried and fell asleep in my arms.  I held her for awhile after she was asleep, simply because it was all I could do to comfort her (and me too!)

So, while I am happy she has gone, I can't see her poor little body be put through this week after week. We have to figure this out!  For her health, for her happiness, and for the hopes of ever getting her toilet trained...it's pretty difficult to go on the toilet if you are stiff and straight as a board and terrified!

Friday, March 8, 2013

A Groovy Kind of Love

It's a good day I say!  My honey just sent me a sweet text (yes he will kill me for saying so).  It was one of those out of the blue, kind of sweet, romantic thoughts - a stretch for someone who gave me a camping tent for our first Christmas together.  And tire traction aids for our second Christmas together.  Like these...Tire Traction

Yup.  Let it sink in.  I didn't even know what they were.  And wasn't entirely sure I was not being punked, but I was not.

Many years, and many Christmases and birthdays later, he has improved in his gift giving.  His motto now, is that for every practical gift he gives me, he has to give a piece of jewellery.  Not a bad motto I say.  And I didn't even give it to him.

(**And to be clear, I don't consider myself a high maintenance girl when it comes to gifts - I am more than happy with a book, some bath stuff or a nice travel mug...just not car parts)

So anyway, his sweet text today reminded me of something he did last week that touched my heart.  I woke up, bleary eyed and dopey, got Little Miss some milk, and as I poured my coffee, I saw this next to the coffee maker...


And then as I got Little Miss's breakfast together, my heart melted when I saw her holding her very own note from Daddy

We love that guy to the moon and back!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Did You See Some Brain Cells Walk By?

Where do brain cells go when they appear to take a hiatus?  Do they actually die off and never return?  Do they just fall asleep, presumably from the 2am bed times (that are actually 5am after several hours of skyping people you see daily)?  Do they get muddled by the aforementioned lack of sleep?  WHAT, on god's green earth, would possess an 18 yr old to
A. Step in ink from an exploded pen and not notice?
B. Notice, wipe his foot on the CARPET to remove it, and then continue to walk around?!?

Exhibit A.  (Ignore how nasty the carpet looks - it is mainly terrible lighting - I did shampoo them all yesterday though!)
This showed up a few weeks ago.  We noticed a couple of random blue spots on the carpet.  Then we followed the trail.  Up the stairs...

Around the corner in his bedroom, where the vigorous foot wiping occurred..., and then finally through his room towards the area he normally keeps a garbage bin - I assume he then took off the offending sock and pitched it.  I guarantee it's mate is still somewhere in the abyss.

I mean, really???  18 years old?  Really?  Lord I hope that university education starts to have an impact on his judgement...although judging by some university educated adults I know, it may be a permanent affliction.  Sigh.

And now a fun pic.  I don't think it'll fit her this year, but gosh I fell in loooove with this sweet dress.  I had to have it!!  Unfortunately, my tomboyish daughter is beginning to dislike dresses...i will do everythign in my power to ensure she wears this - even if only for a photo!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


I have never in my life had poop be such a commonly talked about topic as now.  Little Miss appears to have a milk sensitivity.  She drinks both almond milk and soy milk, and we avoid cheese like the plague.

When she was 'diagnosed' (if you can call it that) she was 16 months.  Ever since we'd switched her to whole milk at 1 yr, she had been having trouble with pooping.  She'd go days and days without going, and then when she did, it was so painful.  i tried twice to suggest to her doctor that I thought it might be milk.  It all seemed to correspond.  "Nope" I was told.  Milk doesn't do that - she would have diarrhea.

But my mommy instincts kept telling me otherwise.  The end of the road came the week I had to give my poor girl an enema.  She had been struggling for days, bearing down, clenching her legs, screaming, then - no poop.  Five min later it would happen again.  Giving a 1 yr old an enema is terrible.  Basically I straddled her on the floor and tortured her - but it worked, and worked well.  When she did poop it was bigger than an adult sized poop.  Poor kid screamed to the point of almost vomiting.

That day I swore off milk for her - and but for a few smaller incidents, she's had easier bowel movements since then.  Every so often though, we have a flare up.  All last week she seemed to be having difficulties, but then would pass a small BM.  On Sunday afternoon, she woke from her nap screaming like she was in pain.  She was in the process of passing a monster sized, solid poop.  Over then next few hours, she had four more.  All caused her to cry, probably because she was already so very sore.  We have no clue what caused it this time.  We haven't cut out all milk (such as when I am cooking) but now I am thinking of completely cutting everything.  Hopefully she'll outgrow it as many kids do, but with my son also having milk problems at age 18, I suspect our life without milk will continue.

The bigger problem I foresee is that she is afraid to poop.  Completely.  Even when it's soft, she clenches her legs together tightly when she feels the need to poop.  She has expressed an interest in potty training, and will pee on the potty but Will. Not. Poop.  I can't say that I blame her but I do think that at some point she will have to learn.  For now, we leave her be, because we don't want to increase the trauma...someday though, she'll have to poop in the potty!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

How Do You Know?

How do you know when it is time to reevaluate and change your career goals?  What does that involve?  Could it not be so simple as a lightning strike or a fortune cookie message to make it clear and obvious?  Does it have to involve 2am soul searching (almost every flipping night???) until you finally break.

I have no answers.  I just know that I wanted something, and now it threatens to overtake me, to run me into the ground with no energy or life left in me.  The difficult part is that I know it is temporary.  But temporary could mean for the next 3 months or more.  Is it worth it?  What I do know is that my health is important.  My family is important.  I cannot give everything I have to a job that right now gives nothing back.  Something's gotta give, and I do not wish it to be me.

Drama Drama Drama  I know!  But it's 4:30am, I've been up and thinking about work since 2am.  I have a 17 hr day in two cities ahead of me, and I just think it is time to reevaluate my life.  If I could win the lottery that would be helpful...(just throwing that out there to the gods of wealth!)

On the plus side - Little Miss is on the mend.  The antibiotics she got helped and she now only has a cough now and then.  And every two minutes tells us "I have a boger" (not a booger, but a boger).  hehehe

Of course DH and I got it.  He's got no voice, but a sporadic squeak - a masculine one of course. ;)  I have bronchitis.  Yup.  I am sure the added stress of late has significantly contributed to my getting sick twice in five weeks.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Sicky Sicky (Yes Again)

My sweet girl is sick again.  The last two winters have been brutal for her.  I am hopeful that this will build her immune system, but fearful that it may be the beginning of many, many more illnesses.  Oh well, what can you do?

Today I am working some (emails etc) and taking a few hours lieu time for any time I don't work.  Thus far I have only put in about an hour of work, spending the rest of the time cuddling my girl.  She was coughing yesterday and had a fever at bedtime.  She then vomited twice in the night, necessitating a full change of her clothes, sheets and pillow.  Strangely, while she had 20 stuffies in bed with her the first time, not one of them took a puke-hit...not even a bit.  We have no clue how they escaped!

She's still not quite old enough to even know what vomit is, let alone know that it is coming or that it might be better off in the toilet or garbage.  When I went in the first time, I couldn't tell that she'd puked, and she denied it when I asked.  The second time she greeted me with "Mommy, I throwed".  Of course I laughed.  We did a load of laundry each time she threw up, mainly because we only have 3 crib sheets, so didn't want to run out if she kept going.  She cried in the night around 1:30am as well but my honey got up with her (she only wanted her babies back in bed with her). 

Today I kept her home and she slept until almost 8am!  She still coughing quite a bit, has chest congestion and a fever and what appears to be a headache that worsens when she coughs.  Poor thing.  We watched "Woozy and Bud" for a little while (Toy Story) and then I popped in her new Lion King movie.

She wasn't too enthralled with it, but at first she was very interested - she asked who the characters were and I told her.  We watched all of the animals converging on Pride Rock.  Then she asked who Scar was.

"Who's dat?"

"Scar, he's a bad guy"

"Score is bad?"

"Yes he's not nice"

*To the tv* "Score you are a bad boy!"


"What is Scarf doing?"

"I think he's being mean."

"Stop being mean Scarfy!"

Yep - it's quite fun to watch with her!  She spent the rest of the time only half watching, asking where Pula was (I think she got Nahla and Pumba confused???)

She hasn't eaten much since lunch yesterday and she is definitely miserable.  Today I just spend the day trying to keep her comfy and pain free.  (And vomit free if possible!)

Friday, February 8, 2013

Eviction Notice

I have decided to put out eviction notices.

Yup.  For those of you who have decide to move into my brain and live rent free, forcing me to think of you when I choose not to, or have better things to do (like sleep!), this is your notice.  You are being removed.  Effective immediately.

Whew - that is a good feeling.  It's like giving myself permission to let it all go - at least when I need to. Last night I got about 3 hrs sleep...not nearly enough.  So now, my brain is empty...(insert lame empty head joke here).  It's mental - but lately is likely the most stress I have ever felt on an ongoing basis, and giving myself permission to kick it all out is liberating.  Buh Bye!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

1:30AM Whine

Indulge me just a bit.  I promise to keep it short.  What the H E double hockey sticks was I thinking having another kidlet when my first one was 16???  Of course I really wanted a wee princess to add to our brood, and it really was 'now or never' for us...I mean I was not going to be THAT lady who is on the news because I miraculously gave birth at 73, with my great grand children in the delivery room with me.  *shudder*

But I never imagined how difficult this large gap would be.  At first, it was all sunshine and roses (or more accurately, sleepless nights and spit up), but DS was super helpful and loved his wee sister.  He especially loved her in the first 72 hrs when she slept most of the time.

Way back then, he was still in high school, so he went to be by 10 or 11 every night, and got up early for school every single day.  Fast forward 2.5 years, and he is in university now (Proud mama YAY!!!!).  He sleeps until his first class, which on one day of the week is at 6pm!!!  Other days it varies but is generally around 10am.  What does this mean?  Well, when I get up with Little Miss in the morning around 6am, DS has just gone to bed.  Little Miss is as quiet as a lawn tractor in your auditory canal, and quieting a toddler is like wrestling an alligator in jello...a bit difficult.  So it can be a bit noisy (although we are trying to learn to whisper).

Now DS is feeling like he can't sleep ever, and is talking about changing schools because of it.  This would allow him to move away.  I am all for him expanding his horizons and living the way he wants to live, but moving out so he can sleep a bit more seems silly.  Especially since we leave the house by 7:15am, so he could go back to sleep.

But back to me.

His 'all hours of the night' routine, means that no matter how quiet he thinks he is, my mommy hearing has me on alert and awake at the creak on the stairs, the boom of the Xbox, or the crash of a dish during his late night smorgasbord.

So here I type at almost 2am, wide awake since 11:30pm.  Yep I went to sleep at 11pm and got a solid 30 min.  This is a routine played out several times a week in some form.  I feel like I haven't slept through a full night in 3 years.  Maybe I should start to drink nightly.  Yawn.

That is all.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


I had a looong day today. Had to travel for meetings and once home had emails to send. Thus far I only waded through the more pressing ones. Still have about sixty to follow up on tomorrow. Ugh!

Little Miss was wired when I got her at daycare. She was jumping up and down, shrieking and running in circles. I'd like to say she was just happy to see me but I don't get that kind of greeting every day!

Tonight she spent time cooking for me. She made me Cheerio soup (or so she says). It was yummy! Later she found the board game Trouble and we spent time putting the little pegs into her fingertips. I tried to show her how to play, but the fake "nails" were much more fun!!

At bedtime I took a pic of her in her pile of fluffy stuff. And yes this is without the friends I took out last night.

And the last pic is what she asked to sleep with tonight. Yup.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Culling The Herd

I started to cull the herd tonight.  I wish I had a picture, but close your eyes (well not yet...read the rest of this first) and picture it...

Little Miss and her entire 30lbs in her bed (which is just her crib with the side rail removed, so quite small).  Tucked in with not one, not two but three blankets (called Soft Blanket, Big Blanket and Other Blanket).  Joining her nightly are Big Monkey, Mommy Monkey, twin Baby Monkeys, Mini Monkey (creative with names don't ya think??), a panda bear with no name, Baby Cinderella, Little Baby, Other Baby, Baby Shawn, Violet the Dog, Grover (or Grovie as he's sometimes known), and not one but two singing Dora's.  If that sounds, ummm cozy, read on...

Recently she found out how to open her big toy box (which was jammed full of stuffies she's gotten since she was born)  So, to join her herd was Singing Giraffe, Baby Stella, and a couple of other random stuffies who I have forgotten at this moment!  Oh and then she found a monkey that DH gave me when we were dating and a Cabbage Patch doll I got for Christmas this year (a story for another day!)

So needless to say...it's jam packed in her bed.  I decided that something had to change when I went in to check on her one night and found her about two feet off of her mattress, laying on top of the whole pile!  And then I started to find other random things in there.  She has two fuzzy sweaters (really soft!) that don't yet fit her, but she drags them around like blankets.  They made their way into her hoard.  Then the jammies she had worn the night before would find their way into the mountain (maybe Grovie was cold?)  The last straw came when she wanted to start bringing hard toys into bed - pots and pans from her kitchen set, rubber balls, cars, books....Oye!!!  Houston, we have a problem!

I say the last straw, but really we just put the kibosh on the hard toys and clothing items.  Then, for the last several nights, we have woken at various times in the night to hear Violet the Dog singing at the top of her lungs (and she goes on and on!), or Dora expressing her love for Little Miss.

Enough was enough.

So tonight I started - while we do have to get rid of some of her stuffies, I will have to sort them when I have more time.  For tonight, as she got ready for bed and wandered around her room like a wee scavenger looking for new treasure, I told her that we had to take some of her babies out of her bed.  I wasn't sue how the conversation would go, but she was pretty good.

I began to hold up the less treasured babies, and out went the Cabbage Patch doll (whose name escapes me!), Violet the Dog (the serenading sealed his fate), one Dora doll (the other seems to have gone missing already...perhaps she knew what was going to happen!), and of course my monkey (leave my monkey alone kid!)

In the next few days I will pack up a bunch of the babies and put them away - maybe switch them out in a couple of months.  Her bed is still full (the Monkey family is huge) but at least I don't feel like she'll drown in plush and stuffing.  What a kid!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Stir my pee

My sweet girl has recently become obsessed with the idea that pee must be stirred. Yep.
One day a couple of weeks ago she peed on the toilet and then said "I stir my pee". Then she grabbed the toilet brush and moved to put it in the toilet. I stopped her but it didn't deter her. She continues to try to stir her pee often. I don't let her and tell her the toilet brush is dirty.

I'm just hoping she doesn't try to add anything to her "pee soup".

Random pic of Little Miss and Grovie.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Healthy again...maybe?

Well - this winter is proving to be only a bit better than last.  Last year my girl had just started daycare, thus bringing home every bug and virus known to man (and I am sure a few not yet discovered).

This year, she and I have been alternating sick days.  I was sick for about 5 weeks in Nov/Dec, with Little Miss picking up where I left off immediately after Christmas (thankfully we were all healthy for that!)  Then she got the flu - a nasty one.  She's only just stopped coughing about a week ago.  then I got sick while travelling (possibly the hotel air or something) and had a deep chest cough...painful.  Then Saturday I was nauseous most of the afternoon/evening...I thought maybe it was something I ate, until Little Miss vomitted all over me on Sunday.  Yup.  I felt better through the day while she felt worse, then she seemed to perk up a bit and my nausea returned.  You'd think we were choreographing it!

Anyways, Saturday morning we all felt well, and she started her first ever Gymnastics class!  I was so excited - she had no clue what this gymnastics thing was.  We arrived early as requested, and found no staff at all in the main lobby/waiting area.  We weren't sure if we needed to check in, primarily because we signed her up halfway through a session, so while it was our first time, the others have all been going for 6 weeks.

The nice thing was that Little Miss got to watch through the glass as the kids did their gymnastics.  She started off very shy, but by the time it was our turn, she had asked four times if she could go in yet...so that's a positive!

We had a little circle time, with songs and mini hula hoop "steering wheels".  She didn't want to hold the hoop unless I did as well, so we worked together.  She spent some time glaring intently at the instructor, Dino, who was male.  Poor guy kept getting death stares!

Through the next hour Little Miss did a hand stand, walked a balance beam and did an airplane on it, climbed a ladder, swung on a rope, jumped on a trampoline, and walked backwards and sideways on the beam.  She needed a lot of direction and hand over hand help, but she seemed to enjoy herself and got a great workout! (as did mommy!!)

At the very end, Dino gave everyone a monkey stamp on their feet, which she was quite proud of.  She can't wait to go back next week!  A huge success I'd say, especially since Daddy is excited to go with her sometimes to give mommy a break - yay daddy!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Check In

Just a short note to say I am still here!  My princess got very sick last weekend, and we spent the entire weekend cuddling with her on the couch.  I left early this past week to travel for work (luckily Little Miss was on the mend) and had a very long week away from home.  Now home, I am sick too.  So much has happened - some I can share here and some not just yet (and no I will not be having a Little Mister). :)

Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend and I hope also to check back in tomorrow to add a few pics and blog again!  Off to self medicate and sleep (I hope!)

Friday, January 11, 2013

Could it be??

It looks like I might be able to post from my phone....not the I want to rely on it but I take so many pics with my phone. I'm excited!! Now to figure out how to post a pic....

Think I've got it but I have no idea how it'll look. (Layout etc). The first is a pic of Little Miss prior to Xmas when her step brother came over. She quite enjoyed her chocolate eclair! The second is a cupcake from my hubby's birthday recently. I did not make them (but I could!). I think they are beautiful!!

Okay I am wrong. This is a bit disjointed but the first pic is actually from last week. We had chips (which we rarely have) and Little Miss decided she liked them. A lot. So once they were almost gone, she started putting her head really close to the bowl, then inside the bowl. Just to be sure she hasn't missed ANY!

So funny. Now I will post the eclair pic! Lol. I will figure this out!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

More Randomness

Apparently the photo issue is a known bug.  I have found a work around for now, but it's a PITA. 
But it'll do. 
I am a terrible Instagramer...look how fuzzy this is.  It's a combination of the look I went for (or accidentally ended up with is more like it) and the fact that this pic was bigger and I cropped it.  Either way she's still a winter cutie!

My Little Mimic

I have a wee clone.  My clone does everything I do.  She says everything I say.  She acts like a tiny adult.  Sometimes it's so funny.  Othertimes it floors me that she can remember certain things, hear me when I deliberately talk quiet so she won't hear, and plays in ways that can only be picked up from us. 

I like to do the sudoku every day from the newspaper.  Yesterday, she sat at the counter, asked for a pen and began to 'do my puzzle' in the newspaper.  She used the pen to circle and strike-through letters in the word jumble.  She was quite proud of herself.   Today she did her puzzle again while waiting for breakfast.

On the weekend my dear hubby picked up some toys from the floor.  Little Miss broke out in applause and proclaimed "Good job Daddy!"  Of course we can't help but laugh at the silliness of this!  It made us wonder how often we clap and praise her.  Too cute!

My sweet girl has deep emotions, and worries about things.  This worries me sometimes - I don't want her to carry a heavy burden at a young age.  On the other hand, the fact that she has empathy for cartoon characters or her babies is wonderful.  We watch TVO Kids in the mornings while eating breakfast.  This morning she was so sad for the Catty (kitty cat) that spilled her tea.  She looked like she actually might cry.  Of course I reassure her that Catty's friends helped clean up the tea, and that they are now having so much fun at their tea party.  Guaranteed though, she will mention Catty spilling her tea again later on.  A wee elephant she is with her memory.

I am trying to upload pics but for some reason I can no longer browse my computer for them.  Not sure if it's a glitch or a permanent change.  If it's permanent, I will be finding a new place to blog...

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy New Year! (A wee bit late)

Welcome to 2013...buh bye 2012.

I hope you had a great year and rang in the new one in style.  We had not made any plans until the 29th, and then got invited out to a casino.  We debated, but ultimately thought the casino was a bit too much for us on New Year's Eve.  Instead, we brought Little Miss to Gramma's house (otherwise known as the place where she gets everything she wants and wakes at 4am for the day) and off we went.  We went to a local restaurant for dinner, but after all of the holiday food we've had, I was just not hungry!

I got antojitos - a small tortilla rolled up with cream cheese, jalapenos and something else...slice into rounds.  I didn't even finish the appetizer size.  Hubby had wings and then a burger and fries.  We had a couple of drinks and then bundled up against the cold to head to our next stop.  It seemed so much closer before we were trudging down the street on a cold winter night...and trudging, and trudging and trudging.  Finally we arrived at a small local pub.  They were having a band that night although when we arrived it was pretty dead.  We ordered a drink and it came somewhat warm and untasty.

Rather than stay, we decided to crash a friend's place - they were out of town.  We got in with the help of their house sitter (another friend's son) and went about finding their beer.  It was warm so we had to use the snowbank to get it cold.  We snuggled with their kitty cat, and rearranged their main floor furniture.  You know - normal stuff.

Finally we decided to head home.  It was about 10pm.  Once home we ate chips and watched tv, and at 11:30pm we went to sleep.  Yup - our big, kid-free night had us in bed even before midnight.  Ah well, it was fun and we woke well rested for the first time in a long time!

I spent a lot of time thinking on New Year's Day about the coming year, the good, bad and ugly of the previous year and any goals or plans I had.  I am not a resolution maker generally, and really didn't come up with one.  I decided to set small goals - eat more veggies, play more games, go skating on the canal often while the weather is good...things like that.  Here's hoping that it'll be a wonderful, wonderful year!