Friday, January 11, 2013

Could it be??

It looks like I might be able to post from my phone....not the I want to rely on it but I take so many pics with my phone. I'm excited!! Now to figure out how to post a pic....

Think I've got it but I have no idea how it'll look. (Layout etc). The first is a pic of Little Miss prior to Xmas when her step brother came over. She quite enjoyed her chocolate eclair! The second is a cupcake from my hubby's birthday recently. I did not make them (but I could!). I think they are beautiful!!

Okay I am wrong. This is a bit disjointed but the first pic is actually from last week. We had chips (which we rarely have) and Little Miss decided she liked them. A lot. So once they were almost gone, she started putting her head really close to the bowl, then inside the bowl. Just to be sure she hasn't missed ANY!

So funny. Now I will post the eclair pic! Lol. I will figure this out!

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