Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Stir my pee

My sweet girl has recently become obsessed with the idea that pee must be stirred. Yep.
One day a couple of weeks ago she peed on the toilet and then said "I stir my pee". Then she grabbed the toilet brush and moved to put it in the toilet. I stopped her but it didn't deter her. She continues to try to stir her pee often. I don't let her and tell her the toilet brush is dirty.

I'm just hoping she doesn't try to add anything to her "pee soup".

Random pic of Little Miss and Grovie.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Healthy again...maybe?

Well - this winter is proving to be only a bit better than last.  Last year my girl had just started daycare, thus bringing home every bug and virus known to man (and I am sure a few not yet discovered).

This year, she and I have been alternating sick days.  I was sick for about 5 weeks in Nov/Dec, with Little Miss picking up where I left off immediately after Christmas (thankfully we were all healthy for that!)  Then she got the flu - a nasty one.  She's only just stopped coughing about a week ago.  then I got sick while travelling (possibly the hotel air or something) and had a deep chest cough...painful.  Then Saturday I was nauseous most of the afternoon/evening...I thought maybe it was something I ate, until Little Miss vomitted all over me on Sunday.  Yup.  I felt better through the day while she felt worse, then she seemed to perk up a bit and my nausea returned.  You'd think we were choreographing it!

Anyways, Saturday morning we all felt well, and she started her first ever Gymnastics class!  I was so excited - she had no clue what this gymnastics thing was.  We arrived early as requested, and found no staff at all in the main lobby/waiting area.  We weren't sure if we needed to check in, primarily because we signed her up halfway through a session, so while it was our first time, the others have all been going for 6 weeks.

The nice thing was that Little Miss got to watch through the glass as the kids did their gymnastics.  She started off very shy, but by the time it was our turn, she had asked four times if she could go in that's a positive!

We had a little circle time, with songs and mini hula hoop "steering wheels".  She didn't want to hold the hoop unless I did as well, so we worked together.  She spent some time glaring intently at the instructor, Dino, who was male.  Poor guy kept getting death stares!

Through the next hour Little Miss did a hand stand, walked a balance beam and did an airplane on it, climbed a ladder, swung on a rope, jumped on a trampoline, and walked backwards and sideways on the beam.  She needed a lot of direction and hand over hand help, but she seemed to enjoy herself and got a great workout! (as did mommy!!)

At the very end, Dino gave everyone a monkey stamp on their feet, which she was quite proud of.  She can't wait to go back next week!  A huge success I'd say, especially since Daddy is excited to go with her sometimes to give mommy a break - yay daddy!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Check In

Just a short note to say I am still here!  My princess got very sick last weekend, and we spent the entire weekend cuddling with her on the couch.  I left early this past week to travel for work (luckily Little Miss was on the mend) and had a very long week away from home.  Now home, I am sick too.  So much has happened - some I can share here and some not just yet (and no I will not be having a Little Mister). :)

Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend and I hope also to check back in tomorrow to add a few pics and blog again!  Off to self medicate and sleep (I hope!)

Friday, January 11, 2013

Could it be??

It looks like I might be able to post from my phone....not the I want to rely on it but I take so many pics with my phone. I'm excited!! Now to figure out how to post a pic....

Think I've got it but I have no idea how it'll look. (Layout etc). The first is a pic of Little Miss prior to Xmas when her step brother came over. She quite enjoyed her chocolate eclair! The second is a cupcake from my hubby's birthday recently. I did not make them (but I could!). I think they are beautiful!!

Okay I am wrong. This is a bit disjointed but the first pic is actually from last week. We had chips (which we rarely have) and Little Miss decided she liked them. A lot. So once they were almost gone, she started putting her head really close to the bowl, then inside the bowl. Just to be sure she hasn't missed ANY!

So funny. Now I will post the eclair pic! Lol. I will figure this out!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

More Randomness

Apparently the photo issue is a known bug.  I have found a work around for now, but it's a PITA. 
But it'll do. 
I am a terrible Instagramer...look how fuzzy this is.  It's a combination of the look I went for (or accidentally ended up with is more like it) and the fact that this pic was bigger and I cropped it.  Either way she's still a winter cutie!

My Little Mimic

I have a wee clone.  My clone does everything I do.  She says everything I say.  She acts like a tiny adult.  Sometimes it's so funny.  Othertimes it floors me that she can remember certain things, hear me when I deliberately talk quiet so she won't hear, and plays in ways that can only be picked up from us. 

I like to do the sudoku every day from the newspaper.  Yesterday, she sat at the counter, asked for a pen and began to 'do my puzzle' in the newspaper.  She used the pen to circle and strike-through letters in the word jumble.  She was quite proud of herself.   Today she did her puzzle again while waiting for breakfast.

On the weekend my dear hubby picked up some toys from the floor.  Little Miss broke out in applause and proclaimed "Good job Daddy!"  Of course we can't help but laugh at the silliness of this!  It made us wonder how often we clap and praise her.  Too cute!

My sweet girl has deep emotions, and worries about things.  This worries me sometimes - I don't want her to carry a heavy burden at a young age.  On the other hand, the fact that she has empathy for cartoon characters or her babies is wonderful.  We watch TVO Kids in the mornings while eating breakfast.  This morning she was so sad for the Catty (kitty cat) that spilled her tea.  She looked like she actually might cry.  Of course I reassure her that Catty's friends helped clean up the tea, and that they are now having so much fun at their tea party.  Guaranteed though, she will mention Catty spilling her tea again later on.  A wee elephant she is with her memory.

I am trying to upload pics but for some reason I can no longer browse my computer for them.  Not sure if it's a glitch or a permanent change.  If it's permanent, I will be finding a new place to blog...

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy New Year! (A wee bit late)

Welcome to 2013...buh bye 2012.

I hope you had a great year and rang in the new one in style.  We had not made any plans until the 29th, and then got invited out to a casino.  We debated, but ultimately thought the casino was a bit too much for us on New Year's Eve.  Instead, we brought Little Miss to Gramma's house (otherwise known as the place where she gets everything she wants and wakes at 4am for the day) and off we went.  We went to a local restaurant for dinner, but after all of the holiday food we've had, I was just not hungry!

I got antojitos - a small tortilla rolled up with cream cheese, jalapenos and something else...slice into rounds.  I didn't even finish the appetizer size.  Hubby had wings and then a burger and fries.  We had a couple of drinks and then bundled up against the cold to head to our next stop.  It seemed so much closer before we were trudging down the street on a cold winter night...and trudging, and trudging and trudging.  Finally we arrived at a small local pub.  They were having a band that night although when we arrived it was pretty dead.  We ordered a drink and it came somewhat warm and untasty.

Rather than stay, we decided to crash a friend's place - they were out of town.  We got in with the help of their house sitter (another friend's son) and went about finding their beer.  It was warm so we had to use the snowbank to get it cold.  We snuggled with their kitty cat, and rearranged their main floor furniture.  You know - normal stuff.

Finally we decided to head home.  It was about 10pm.  Once home we ate chips and watched tv, and at 11:30pm we went to sleep.  Yup - our big, kid-free night had us in bed even before midnight.  Ah well, it was fun and we woke well rested for the first time in a long time!

I spent a lot of time thinking on New Year's Day about the coming year, the good, bad and ugly of the previous year and any goals or plans I had.  I am not a resolution maker generally, and really didn't come up with one.  I decided to set small goals - eat more veggies, play more games, go skating on the canal often while the weather is good...things like that.  Here's hoping that it'll be a wonderful, wonderful year!