Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Potty Woes

Little Miss is toilet training.  Well...sort of.  When my kiddo was little, I had always been told, "When they are ready, you'll know."  And I did.  One day at almost 3 yrs old, he just started to use the toilet.  Done.

Our wee girl is proving that girls are complicated creatures.  First off, she's had issues with her bowel due to milk allergies/sensitivities since the age of one.  Because of that, she goes through bouts where she cannot poop - by the time she does, it's horrible and painful for her.  As a result, we suspect she may not poop on the toilet until she's twelve.  We decided not to push it.  We offer now and then, and she says yes or no.

Lately, she's begun saying "I have pees" - translation - "I have to go pee."

It's inconsistent, and she is very reluctant refuses to wear big girl panties.  She'll be three in September, and honestly, I don't care if she isn't fully trained until she's almost four.  I am in no hurry, and refuse to traumatize her more than necessary regarding toilet use.  that said, if she doesn't get over her fear in the next year, she won't be able to start school - guess we'll cross that road when it comes.

For now, my wee one can go at her own pace.

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