Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Are We Going To The Liver Walk???

Hi All - My Dear Hubby and I went to the Canadian Liver Foundation's Stroll For Liver on Sunday.  We submitted a team, with a fundraising goal of $1000.  We raised $2010.  Since it was just the two of us, we were pretty happy with this and so very grateful to those who donated.

We took Little Miss, and it was a chilly, rainy June day.  Last year it was hot, so hot.  We wore shorts, sweated, and really just wanted to jump in the nearby beach water.  This year we wore jeans, long sleeve shirts and jackets, and brought umbrellas.  We got wet...very wet.  The nice thing is, Little Miss loves the puddles.  She ran almost the entire route, jumping in each puddle as she went.  She seemed sad between puddles, as if the lack of pools of water were disappointing and sad.  By the end of the route, she (and we) was (were) soaked.  We went inside to warm up, and I changed her wet shirt.  I wished I had dry shoes and pants, as my toes wrinkled into shrivelled prunes.

We bought raffle tickets, and won two (yes 2!!!) prizes.  We won a picnic basket - a really nice insulated bag that would keep both food and drinks cold, as well as a golf foursome.  DH is happy about that - and I may go with him if we find another couple!

This was all on Sunday.  It is now Tuesday.  As I tucked Little Miss into bed, she asked "Can I go to the Liver Walk?"  I replied, "No, the Liver Walk was Sunday - it's over now."

She asked again, "Where's the Liver Walk?"

I replied, "It's over honey, we'll do it again next year."

She said, "Where's the Liver Walk?"

I again replied, "All done, next year."

She asked, "But where is the Liver Walk?"

I said, "Done."

She asked, "But where is it?"

I replied, "Finished, and if you ask again, you don't get to come..."

Best Parent Award please...

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