Friday, May 24, 2013

Actual Conversation With a 2 Yr Old

I have been running lately.  I am running a half marathon in 2 first ever.  Probably my last.  I am excited, anxious and a bit nervous.  My Little Miss has seen me running often lately.  Thus the following conversation, in our car while we drove to Grandma's:

(We are stopped at a set of lights, and a woman runs by, wearing a pink running shirt much like one of mine, and with curly hair in a pony tail, just like i often wear - I didn't think of these things until...)

Little Miss: "Mommy, it's a girl running."
Me: "Yes honey, she is running."
LM: "Is that you mommy?"

Insert short pause...

Me: "What honey?"
LM: "Is it you running over there?"
Me: "No honey, I am right here."
LM: "But is that you running?"
Me: (Sort of speechless) "Um, no honey, mommy is right here, that is another lady."
LM: "Oh, so that's not you?"
Me: "No sweetie."

I was floored.  What a naive, wonderful, bizarre, innocent perspective.

The way little kids see things is so very amazing.

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