Thursday, March 7, 2013

Did You See Some Brain Cells Walk By?

Where do brain cells go when they appear to take a hiatus?  Do they actually die off and never return?  Do they just fall asleep, presumably from the 2am bed times (that are actually 5am after several hours of skyping people you see daily)?  Do they get muddled by the aforementioned lack of sleep?  WHAT, on god's green earth, would possess an 18 yr old to
A. Step in ink from an exploded pen and not notice?
B. Notice, wipe his foot on the CARPET to remove it, and then continue to walk around?!?

Exhibit A.  (Ignore how nasty the carpet looks - it is mainly terrible lighting - I did shampoo them all yesterday though!)
This showed up a few weeks ago.  We noticed a couple of random blue spots on the carpet.  Then we followed the trail.  Up the stairs...

Around the corner in his bedroom, where the vigorous foot wiping occurred..., and then finally through his room towards the area he normally keeps a garbage bin - I assume he then took off the offending sock and pitched it.  I guarantee it's mate is still somewhere in the abyss.

I mean, really???  18 years old?  Really?  Lord I hope that university education starts to have an impact on his judgement...although judging by some university educated adults I know, it may be a permanent affliction.  Sigh.

And now a fun pic.  I don't think it'll fit her this year, but gosh I fell in loooove with this sweet dress.  I had to have it!!  Unfortunately, my tomboyish daughter is beginning to dislike dresses...i will do everythign in my power to ensure she wears this - even if only for a photo!

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