Tuesday, February 5, 2013


I had a looong day today. Had to travel for meetings and once home had emails to send. Thus far I only waded through the more pressing ones. Still have about sixty to follow up on tomorrow. Ugh!

Little Miss was wired when I got her at daycare. She was jumping up and down, shrieking and running in circles. I'd like to say she was just happy to see me but I don't get that kind of greeting every day!

Tonight she spent time cooking for me. She made me Cheerio soup (or so she says). It was yummy! Later she found the board game Trouble and we spent time putting the little pegs into her fingertips. I tried to show her how to play, but the fake "nails" were much more fun!!

At bedtime I took a pic of her in her pile of fluffy stuff. And yes this is without the friends I took out last night.

And the last pic is what she asked to sleep with tonight. Yup.

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