Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Controlling An Octopus

Last night we finally had th chance to try to snap some decent Christmas pics of our girl.  You see, we've been holding off on our Christmas cards to family and friends in hopes that we might be able to include a couple of pics.  Thus began the fun.

Dress baby in pretty red dress and shiny black shoes
Place baby on floor in front of tree
Santa hat on baby
Santa hat ripped off baby
Baby crawling away
Baby back in front of tree
One shiny black shoe falls off
Pic of the back of baby's head
Pic of baby's bum
Santa hat back on baby
Mommy removes other shiny black shoe
Baby rearranged for a nice shot
Santa hat covering baby's face entirely
Headless Santa baby pic
Santa hat half off baby in pic
Shiny black shoes thrown at the camera
Baby turning Christmas tree lights off and on
Pull new sled over near the tree
Baby arranged in sled (maybe that'll contain her)
Baby twisted backwards in exorcist-like move
Baby rearranged again
Santa hat thrown off again
Santa hat idea scrapped
Baby lunging off of sled
Several pics snapped in succession - all of baby in awkward lungeing poses
Sled moved aside
Wooden horse pulled close
Baby *might* be interested enough to stay still
Horse flung around by baby
Baby attacking camera
Baby attacking mommy "Don't bite!"
Baby crawling over mommy and camera to escape
Baby rearranged back in front of the tree
Baby launches self the other way
Daddy sweating in all of the rearranging mess
Dogs jumping into pictures
Mommy lays on floor with camera and wonders where the wine is
Maybe next year.

PS - we did get a couple of cute pics but you don't get to peek at those just yet!  

Happy Ho Ho!

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