Friday, November 30, 2012

Santa's Coming!

I forgot how much fun it can be with a young one in the house, who gets soooo excited about Santa!  Okay, I will sheepishly admit that Little Miss is too young to really know what it means that Santa is coming...but I'm not!

Thinking of the movie Elf, when Buddy sees Santa in the store

This weekend I plan to clean and put up the tree.  I am a bit concerned about what this will mean, with a toddler underfoot.  I suspect it will be me putting an ornament (plastic...I am not a sucker for punishment) on the tree, and Little Miss saying "Ooooh pity" (pretty), and removing it just as fast.  I'll be chasing her to get my ornaments back and it'll be a big decorate/undecorate game for about a month. 

As it is she picks up all of the dog food out of the bowl and puts it into a lunch box she has, and carries it around, feeding the dog one piece at a time.  Poor Charly just trots along behind her, knowing she'll get rewarded little by little. 

On second thought...maybe I'll decorate on the 24th...just sayin.

I love listening to her talk now - it's such fun and a great source of entertainment.
She now tries to say my name instead of mommy...she started with Sacey which is pretty close to Stacey.  Now I have evolved to Stastey, which isn't bad, and currently I am Tasty.  Yep.  Tasty.
It took me awhile to figure out what basaggy's spaghetti - sounds yummy no?  For the most part she is very easily understood, but now and then she says a sentence that makes no sense to me, and I can't figure it out for the life of me.  This morning in the car the conversation wen tsomething like this:
Little Miss:  "Tasty, oma say tang go?"
Me: "What honey?"
Little Miss: "Oma say tang go?"
Me: "Oma say tang go?"
Little Miss "Oma say tang go mommy"
Me: "Wow look, a school bus!"
It's really the only way sometimes!  Have a happy day everyone!!

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