Thursday, August 16, 2012

Here I Am

It has been a very long time since I was up regularly in the night.  Lately, Little Miss has been waking around 1am, screaming.  She seems fine and we have tried a variety of things to get some sleep (and comfort her too of course - we aren't that mean!) ;)

Although we go in to comfort her, she then won't fall back asleep if we leave the room.  As a result, I have slept on her floor more times than I care to in the last few weeks.  After spending approximately 6 hrs on the floor this week, I'd had enough.  Waking up feeling like I'd been run over by a mac truck does not feel nice.  The fact that I also had a cold (thanks hubby!) didn't help.  Little Miss has a convertible crib, so the side comes off and we put a small bed rail on it.  It works for her, and while I can (and have) sleep in it with her, it's very small, and I constantly fear falling through.  I can picture the headlines

Toddler Injured by Mother Falling Through Crib!

We've tried to bring her into bed with us but she's never been one to sleep with us.  Even as a wee baby she just wouldn't sleep.  She lays there and babbles, and pokes us, and kicks us and sings, and screeches.  Ultimately she would fall asleep I am sure, but it takes more time than we can afford when we both work.

I had my DS (dear son) bring up a futon mattress, but although it's quite compact on the actual futon, it was giant on her floor, and it would drive us insane to be stepping on it constantly.  Hubby also thinks a mattress on the floor makes us white trash...I prefer to look at it as luxury indoor camping - fun and if you drink too much you don't have far to fall!

Finally, we brought her playpen up and set it up in our room as an emergency, 1am back up.  Two nights ago we used it - she slept a bit but still not enough in my opinion, as she fussed every so often and needed reassurance that we were there.

Last night, (tonight?  It's almost 3 am, for what it's worth) she seems to be sleeping well so far (knock knock on my coffee table just in case) and wouldn't you know my lovely teenaged-going-on-28 year old woke me prowling around at midnight.  Lately he seems to think that the world is his oyster, and he is waiting for the pearl to drop in his lap and afford him a life of luxury.  I won't get into the number of things he's been asked repeatedly to do this summer - small things that will impact him directly and positively - but I will say that I am appalled at the lazy, slacker attitude.  It might be too little too late but starting tomorrow (today?) there's a new sherriff in town.  I think I just spelled sherriff like the company that makes lemon pie filling.  I could eat a bowl of lemon pie filling with a spoon...and whipped cream.

So, to recap - baby is sleeping, teenager is lazy (but also sleeping now), I crave lemon pie, and I am wide awake at 3 am (since midnight).  Hoo boy tomorrow will be loooong!

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