Thursday, August 9, 2012

Gabby Girl!

Little Miss is suddenly a gabby girl these days.  She seems to pick up words at lightning speed and it means the hubster and I really must watch our mouths!

Her new favourite word is "sit"...and no it does not mean 'to sit down'.  It is the word she uses right after "Oh No!" and right after "Uh Oh!" when something goes wrong, like her stuffies falling over or spilling the entire bowl of dog water while trying to sponge bathe in it.  Yep.  Our sitter goes on holidays for two weeks and we bring her back a sailor.  Then again, we can't take all the credit blame.

She spent a couple of days with her nanny and pop last week.  When I went to pick her up, nanny asked "Jilly, what does Poppa say?"  Jilly didn't respond.  Nanny tries again..."Jilly does Poppa say 'holy...'?"   Right away my sweet girl shouts "HOLY SIT"

According to Nanny, Poppa had been saying Holy Smokes.  Yeah right Nanny.  Apparently Poppa really was only saying Holy Smokes but when Jilly was trying to poop, Poppa asked "What are you doing?" to which she replied "Holy Sit!"  Yup.  I'm so proud.

I guess we can't be too upset, since a good friend of ours is determined to teach her the Cape Breton way of speaking...I suspect she'll be expelled from daycare if she picks that up!

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