Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I'm Back!

Once Again it's Been Awhile!

I probably don't have anyone who pops in here anymore, but I figured I'd write anyways!  It's been quite some time since i was here regularly, and I've been thinking about getting back into the swing of things, so here goes.

It's been a busy few months, with Little Miss learning to walk (finally!) three days before her 18 month 'birthday'.  This is important, because the doctor had told us she wanted to see her walking at least a bit by then.  One day she just decided it was easier to get around on two feet, and off she went.  She's 22 months now, and although she is quite steady most of the time, she gets wobbly sometimes too.  I suspect that'll go away the longer she walks, and she didn't get the headstart that some early walkers get.

The upside to starting to walk late is that she actually knew how to traverse stairs long before she walked, so we have not really had much of a need for baby gates (although we do use them for the dogs sometimes, but that's another post).  Overall she likes to be near us, so rarely would try to go up or down without us there, but the fact that she can do so safely is very reassuring.

She also likes to 'help'.  Helping means following mommy and pulling out anything mommy has put away, so that mommy won't get bored and will always have something to do.  Here is a pic of her helping

That strange face is her "cheeeeeeese" face.  You can see that she has pulled out pretty much every plastic container we own, and is organizing them on the floor for me.  Clearly she knows that when I need a container, it's so much easier to grab one from the floor rather than search in a drawer.  What a good girl!


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