Sunday, September 11, 2011

Today We Head Off

Getting ready to take the train to get my hubby's surgery done tomorrow.  Nervous and anxious would be the mood around here.  It's all for a good end result, but organ donation is one of the only surgery's where there is no physical health benefit to the donor.  But the other benefits make it worthwhile.

We were sad dropping off our little princess last night at Gramma's!  We know she'll be well taken care of and well fed but it was particularly sad knowing daddy won't be able to hold his princess for quite some time - likely sometime in November.  Sigh.  Gramma said baby girl slept well last night though - 11 hours!  Gramma was very worried and deliberately woke her this morning - lol...crazy lady!

I will end this with some pics I got done for my hubby for after surgery - not sure yet if I'll post from the hotel or not...perhaps over a glass of wine one night!

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