Saturday, February 26, 2011

Technology Schmecnology

When I was pregnant a good friend loaned us a Fisher Price baby bathtub, but when I went to use it it just seemed awkward.  Maybe I was doing it wrong...but really - how many ways are there to place a baby in a tub?!

Sooo, off to Babies R Us to buy a new bath seat.  We've been using it but it makes Little Miss sit up so high that we have to pretty much fill the tub - now there's a waste of water.  Really, how dirty can a five month old get?  (I just know the Hubby is reading this thinking fondly of all the poopsplosions we use to have, but that's a story for another day!)  I also have to keep a warm cloth on her belly or else it just seems like water torture. 

I told a friend of mine that Little Miss may not be too thrilled with bath time since she is almost entirely out of the water and lays there like a small tree stump.  My friend told me that when her son was little, she just rolled up a towel and put it in the tub with her baby's head on it - he then laid on the bottm of the tub for his bath and it worked just fine.

It seemed entirely too simple to me...and inexpensive to boot!  Two days ago we tried the "towel apparatus" and low and behold, it worked like a charm...AND...Little Miss had a ball!  She was splashing and wiggling and looked like she was ready to swim away.  The Hubby and I got soaked (the first of many bathroom soakings to come I'm sure) but it was so much fun watching Little Miss kicking and squealing as she discovered what this "bathtub thing" is really all about!

Who needs all the fancy bathtubs and bath seats when you have a closet full of towels at your disposal? :)

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Angelltn+2 said...

I might have to try that...Avery LOVES to splash, but is getting too big to splash in her tub!