Monday, February 28, 2011

Oh Doggie!

Cooper & Charly
These are my doggies.  Charly is on the right and she is 7 years old and an awesome dog - gentle, smart, and fluffy!  Cooper is on the left.  He's 1 1/2 years old and a holy terror.  He does have his good moments and is very gentle too but there have been many a moment that we wondered what we were thinking when we got him!

Well, in all honesty, I know why we got him....cause he looked like this:

Yes - he was tiny and a sweetheart.  He went right up to my son's big running shoe and tried to chew on it - That should have been our warning!  But we got sucked in by our love of all things cute and tiny and we came home with Cooper.

Today I decided that Cooper should have been named Hoover....or Bissell......or Dyson.  You get the picture.  He eats everything.

Now sometimes it benefits us like when he finds dust bunnies floating around the house and he traps and eats them.  Gross.

Today as I was walking in to family room with the baby I noticed a piece of paper that looked like a torn corner from a magazine.  I suspect it fell out of my 16 year old's pocket when he unloaded heaps of junk onto the coffee table.  Being a good house wife  I should have picked it up immediately, but of course I didn't.  Three minutes later I glanced over to the paper to find Cooper standing over the spot where the paper no longer was and Cooper was licking his chops like he'd just had a steak.

Later on I was throwing out the empty package of sweet'n'low from my coffee, and dropped the top piece in front of the garbage.  Before I could get to it, Cooper, who was trailing along beside me, swooped in and gobbled it up in seconds.  He then turned to look at me standing there completely exasperated and I *swear* he smiled at me, as if to say "Thanks, I needed that!"

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