Monday, November 28, 2011

All Jammed Out

I like making homemade jam.  I had taken a few years off from making it - I just kept missing the strawberry and raspberry seasons, but this year I was determined that I was going to buckle down and finally get back to making jam.  I went and bought a large amount of strawberries and raspberries when they were ripe and got to work sterilizing jars, boiling fruit, and jaminating.  I know that probably isn't a word but don't you thinkit ought to be?  Jaminate - the art of preparing homemade jam.

As I was making Ryan's daily PB&J sanwiches...he eats one for breakfast and one for lunch...don't get me started (he's 17 and while the thought of eating the same thing twice a day every day is unfathomable to me, I let it go)...I realized we had no jam in the fridge.  Down to the basement pantry I went to grab another jar and found that we only have 3 jars left.  3?!?  I made over 30 jars of jam.  Just 6 months ago!  How is that even possible????

I myself am not a jam eater...I have a 1/2 tsp very rarely mixed into a sugar free plain yogurt but otherwise find it way too sweet.  That leaves the Hubster, the trash compacter...ummm I mean Ryan, and my little Jilly, who at one is hardly a contender in a jam-off. does one family go through 30 jars of jam in 6 months?  And how the heck could we have afforded to buy it at the grocery store - that stuff's $4 or $5 a jar!  OMG!  Of the three we have left, I opened the large jar of raspberry, we have a small jar of raspberry and we have a large jar of cherry jam...which Ryan doesn't like, so we'll be running out of jam in the next week.  Holy bananas!

Tonight I will spend more time reorganizing the pantry because I just cannot believe that we have no more jars hiding somewhere.  If not, I'll be scouring the flyers for sales and will stock up when the price is right...clearly next year I need to make twice what I did this year! Sheesh!

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