Sunday, November 27, 2011

All Shopped Out

Well, we went, we shopped, we dropped.  We spent 8 hours on Thursday and seven hours on Friday shopping, shopping shopping to complete our Christmas list.  In the end, we purchased all but 2 because we had a good idea that was more expensive than we realized, and the other because we have a couple of thoughts and didn't see anything that jumped out at us for that person.  We will be trying to complete all shopping by the end of the weekend next week...then the wrapping begins.

I realized that I often shop for similar things for people.  It's not super exciting but I guess I figure out what works and just keep on going with those ideas.  Do people like that?  I don't know - I hope so.  I know for me, if I get gifts that I like and the person buys the same kind of thing year after year then I am more than happy.  If it is something that I have no use for and I keep getting it...well, I say thank you and appreciate the thought.

So I guess I answered my own question -if I know the person well enough that I buy something they earrings, they won't mind getting them year after year.  This is why Christmas is so stressful!

I do love to give gifts that I think the person will like - it's fun to watch their faces, although I am a little too invested sometimes and reactions don't always line up to my expectations - that's my issue though!

Do you stick to a budget?  We don't have a grand total budget but we do budget a certain amount per person and try to stick to's still a lot but we don't go crazy the rest of the year so it all works out!

My little bean is awake from her nap so I must go!

Happy shopping...I just might be finished before Dec 1st - that would be AMAZING!

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