Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Elephant on the Shelf

I caved.  I am not proud, but am certainly a bit excited at my new purchase.  I gave in to the trend and bought an Elf on the Shelf for Little Miss.  She's a bit young but it's more for me this year (I'm not too proud to admit that!)

If you aren't familiar, Elf on the Shelf is a strange little elf doll that apparently watches over children in the weeks leading up to Christmas, and reports back to Santa on how they are behaving.  Each morning when the kids wake up, the elf is supposed to be in a new position or place, as if they scurried around the night before getting into trouble.

When Little Miss saw our elf, she decided it was actually an 'elephant' on the shelf, so that is what it is. I asked her to name it and she chose "Abbc".  It is said like the this - Eh Bee Bee See.

Here's a pic of our Christmas tree - It's artificial...I plan to go back to real trees in the next few years - they may be imperfect but they smell wonderful, and life is imperfect.  That said I like our tree.  This year it is decorated entirely in plastic and unbreakable decorations.  I am hoping to go back to all of my decorations next year as well...

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