Saturday, December 29, 2012

First Things First And Random Crap!

Here's a snow pic I promised - I have a few more on my camera, but alas, Holiday-Me is lazy and hasn't yet uploaded those pics.  Nonetheless - this was the pic from Dec 26th - and it's snowing again today!  Slowly but consistently.  We went for a nice walk with Little Miss just to get some fresh air, and the snow made her cringe.  She spent part of the walk covered in a blanket in her sled - yelling "I hiding!"
The rest of the walk she toddled along making snowballs (although the snow was not sticky and her snowballs imploded in her hands).  It was still fun!  My dear hubby who hates snow and cold decided he was 10 again, and climbed a snow hill created by a plow...then tripped backwards and hurt his finger.  Sigh.  Boys and their macho-ness.  Off to tape his finger for him.

I can't recall if I posted a pic of our tree - if I did, then just go get yourself a drink and pretend I am not posting again.

This next pic is a lotto scratch ticket.  Santa was so kind as to give dear hubby (DH), my kiddo and myself each a ticket to scratch.  I have no patience whatsoever...none.  I only like tickets that are quick and easy - tell me now if I won a million dollars...don't make me waste my time trying to decipher the rules and whether I won! LOL

And DH scratches them one square at a time...and often only a square a day.  It. Drives. Me. Crazy!

So I found a ticket on the fridge with a penny clipped to it (did I tell you my DH is a very logical, methodical person?!?)  There were three or four squares scratched.  That's it.  It drove me nuts to look at it.  So my mom (yes mom, I am outing you!) suggested I replace his ticket with my fully scratched, non-winning ticket.  It took him about 4 hrs to notice.  And boy did he notice.  Wagging finger and accusatory eyes...yup...he was not impressed!  hee hee

Notice the penny clipped above for easy scratching- he's so funny!

Finally...I have asked for new slippers for months.  I had gotten a pair two years ago from Costco and hated them.  At first.  They had so much fluffy fluffiness inside them, and actually made walking feel funny.  Like falling down the stairs would be easy.  And probable.

But then something wonderful happened.  The fluffy fluffiness settled a bit.  And I LOVED my slippers.  LOVED.  I have a lot of tile in my house, and the slippers make sure that my feet don't hurt.  Lately though, the slippers hurt.  Over two years I have worn them down so much that the inside has cracked and the fluffy fluffiness has disappeaed.  It is bare, naked non fluffy fluffiness.  They are the lesser of two evils (the tile floor hurts my feet so bad!), but the split area inside of them means that they chomp my feet daily.

DH and I looked for slippers several times at Costco and found that they only had big sizes and small sizes...not my perfect size 8. (I am normally a 7 or 7.5 but these slippers' fluffy fluffiness meant that I need an 8).

By Christmas time I knew DH was not able to find them.  I still held out a tiny bit of hope, but that was dashed on Christmas morning...sigh.  No fluffy fluffiness for my tender tootsies.

Then on Boxing Day, I was at my mom's for gift opening and low and behold, a miracle happened.  I got a pair as a gift.  I was sooooo excited!  My mom stopped me though and told me that I almost got *this* gift.  She hands me an envelope with this pic inside.

It's a pic of the slipper display at Costco...I turned it over and found this note she'd typed...

Yes - my mom is a kook!  I love it...and the fact that she looked so hard for the slippers as well!  As it turns out she had looked for quite awhile, and was shopping with my auntie, who was also seeking a size 8.   My auntie found that size 8, and offered it to my mom for me.  Thank you auntie - I haven't taken them off since! (except when leaving the house! And sometimes I forget and wear them out...I'm cool like that)

Merry Chocolate Christmas from Little Miss!

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