Saturday, December 15, 2012

Sickie Sickie

We have had our run of illness in our house this year.  No more please!

Right now Little miss is sick again - after having been sick a few weeks ago.  This time it started with us thinking she was a bit warm one night, but nothing major.  The next day I picked her up at daycare and she had a 104.1 temp.  Our daycare provider gave her some Tylenol, and later we had to give her Advil to help bring down the temp.  She had an unsettled night (as did mommy and daddy of course), and I kept her home with a fever and bad congested type cold the next day.

Through the day she went from periods of relative happiness to whiny and screaming at ANYTHING I did, said or breathed.  Literally.  "Sweetie would you like some water" "NOOOOOOOO!!!" 
Sometimes she skipped the words and screamed like I was attacking her.  Oh joy.

We cuddled a lot on the couch and watched so much Dora she now speaks Spanish.  (True story - My son was calling her and she was replying "Si?")  Living in Canada I always assumed her first 'second language word' would be French, but hey, what do I know?

As of yesterday her fever was gone and she was just a bit congested and sniffly.  When I went to pick her up, I planned to frantically get home, get ready for dear hubby's work party and wait for our friend to come and watch her.  Those plans got tossed when she was again warm, and had a fever of 101 (which I think went higher before it came down, as she was burning an hour later).

She was dopey and lethargic and very clingy and cuddly.  I sent dear hubby to his party alone (and forfeited my $50 meal) and sat on the couch with Little Miss brushing up on our Spanish together.  She had so much congestion that she vomited on our (leather) couch while least leather washes well.

As my work party was tonight, and it was a pot luck, I emailed my coworker last night to let them know there was a possibility my meatballs would not be arriving for dinner.  I was open to going if the fever did not return and she seemed passed the worst of it.  At 3:30am, the fever was back with a vengeance (and so were her feet in my back while I tried to sleep with her).  Today she is mostly fever free but definitely not well.  So we are missing party number 2, and having a quiet, cuddly, somewhat snot filled day with Dora. 

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