Friday, December 28, 2012

Post Christmas Post

Well, it's all done for another year.  We truly had a wonderful Christmas and Little Miss was good and spoiled.  I have now gone through her older toys and have two boxes and a big bag of items to donate.  She also has some new clothes that don't yet fit, but will eventually, which is great.  I am a big believer in hand-me-downs, and we don't have anyone to get hand me downs from...or really to give them to in our immediate family.  I box them up and send some to Nova Scotia to some special wee girls there, and the rest get donated locally.  It feels so wastefull, as she grows so quickly, but at least they don't et thrown in the garbage.

We've had a ton of snow here recently - I do love it, but I must admit a part of me can't wait until spring when we no longer need to chase the wiry child all through the house in various states of boot, one mitt, a scarf on her head, her jacket upside down.  Ah well, they grow so quick I try to take a deep breath and run faster.

Yesterday I heard a wonderful noise outside - is that the singing of the birdies? No.  Is that the ringing of the ice cream man?  No. that the sound of our neighbours brand new snowblower???  Yes!  And while my dear hubby shovelled at 5:30am and I shovelled at 8:00am and 1:00pm, that darn snowblower did not make an appearance.  It did however, arrive in time to clear away the giant snowbank left by the plow at the end of the driveway.  Like the timely arrival of a dear old friend, just when you need some help!  Thank you neighbours!

(I'll post massive snow pics as soon as I can!)

On an IT/techie note, I have been trying to post from my iPhone, as that's where I keep a lot of pictures.  I can see my blog but can't seem to post or upload anything.  I will keep trying - it sure would make things easier!

Happy Friday everyone!

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