Sunday, July 3, 2011

Holiday Fireworks

(Disclaimer - I am not a total prude or boring person, and I enjoy a good fireworks show as much as the next guy...)

I changed my status update on Canada Day to read something like this

The number of people setting off fireworks in close proximity to the houses in the SUBURBS is ridiculous! 
It's seriously pissing me off. Go to the country to light your fireworks and shoot your air rifles...gawd!

I then realized that made me sound like a crusty old biddy who sits in her rocker on her front porch shaking her fist in the air at the bratty kids playing in the street.  But seriously people, it's how I felt.

We had no plans per se on Canada Day - just sitting in the backyard, floating in the pool and having some drinks. At around 7pm we were winding down (so old I know!) and I suggested that my Dear Hubby take 20 minutes to run to our rental property to sand the ceiling (we'd had a leak and he had to go back several times to repair, re-drywall, tape, mud and sand - short visits but several visits are necessary).  He asked if I'd mind, and I said I'd take Little Miss and the poochies out for a walk.

We set out, our little suburban gang on the pathways.  the first thing I noticed was that there were no cars at all on the street.  I was pleased, thinking this could be a nice, quiet stroll while everyone else was on Parliament Hill to see Will and Kate and the fireworks show.  I was sadly mistaken.  As we walked I could hear the tell tale sounds of fireworks close by.  When we got close to a friend's house, I saw the culprits, lighting fireworks ON THE PATH up ahead!  I suspect they may have stopped to let us pass (it was still broad daylight and there were houses right there) but I was still worried the fireworks would be way too close for comfort.

We changed course and went to the left down another pathway.  Over the next 15 minutes that it took us to get home we saw two more sets of kids lighting fireworks, one group in the street directly between two houses.  I cannot fathom why people think this is safe or smart.  Luckily the dogs and Little Miss did not seem bothered by the sudden noises, but my fear of being hit by flaming projectiles kept me a bit irritated at the whole thing.

The tell tale 'pop' sounds continued well into the night ceasing for good around midnight.  I understand that people want to have fun, but go somewhere that is not so densely populated for crying out loud.

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Disney Redhead said...

Around here...tons of people light fireworks in the street in front of their houses. We stood out on the patio last night watching everything for a bit. It sounded like a war zone. I'm not really into it. I think it's a big waste of money. I do like a nice, professional fireworks show though.

I saw two life flight helicopters yesterday and I just thought to myself they were probably for fireworks injuries somewhere.