Friday, July 8, 2011

A Year's Worth Of Makeup

I saw a cool and slightly disturbing video today that I had to share.  It was filmed to show how much makeup we use in a year, applied all in one day to a model.  It was kind of cool to watch.  They used 7 bottles of foundation, two bottles of blusher, two bottles of eye cream and 3 lip pens.  By the end the model looked like her face had melted.

Apparently they did a dry run on a male intern to make sure that that amount of makeup wouldn't kill someone.  Ummm - why would they try it with an intern...nobody cares if he dies?  LOL

Anyways - here's the link - it's kind of cool...and weird.


Disney Redhead said...

Yikes! I am happy to say I don't wear near that much stuff in one year! It takes me more than a year to use a whole thing of blush. Only two tubes of mascara a year. And a couple compacts of pressed powder. That's pretty much it. I'll wear eye shadow and liner MAYBE once or a twice a year. And that's it. No eyebrow pencil. No liquid anything. No lipstick.

Staceroo said...

Ya - I don't wear a whole lot either. I wear eye shadow only when going out somewhere for the evening. Otherwise it's bare minimum most days!