Monday, July 11, 2011

Monday Ramblings's Monday.  Yep.  I have not been a good blogger lately - I am still enjoying so much sunshine and as well, Little Miss has hit an age where she demands a LOT more if you're walking through a snake pit and you have to keep an eye on the big ones for fear they might attack when you're not looking...kind of like that!

That said, I uploaded the pics on my camera today and laughed at all of the ones I took to blog here goes!

I came downstairs one day and my Kiddo says "Guess what I did?"  I said "What?" and he runs to get the camera to show me that he'd made his own breakfast.  Yes he is almost 17.  To clarify, he always gets his own breakfast, but the difference is that if he wants fresh berries his laziness prevails and he asks me to wash them.  This particular day he...gasp...washed and cut them himself.  I'll wait while you marvel at your computer screen and inwardly applaud.

Alright now - in all honesty for a 17 yr old boy to wash and cut up raspberries, strawberries and banana to go on his cereal seems a pretty big feat, so bravo Kiddo!  (It looks yummy doesn't it?)

Self portrait.  Strange angle.  You're welcome.

Another sort of 'self portrait' when my dear hubby let Little Miss press camera buttons...kinda cute though!

This is a highly unflattering picture of me on the trampoline.  Why am I posting it you ask?  Well, quite frankly I have no clue.  I guess it kind of makes me smile and feel like a kid again for a moment.  (And yes I do have a bathing suit on under that VERY SHORT cover up)

"My mommy says I'm cute...I don't know what that means but she smiles when she says it.  She also smiles when I fart though so who knows?"

Lookit what I grew!!!  Okay, there was no effort - the plants came with the house but I love them!  We get fresh raspberries every day - this is the first one this year!  Yummy!

Ah yes, the exploding ketchup bottle.  As you can see the ketchup is almost empty and someone turned it upside down.  My Kiddo opened it and BAM it went everywhere!

The next two pictures are of a little food storage area I just located, secretive like Area 51 but I found it.  You see, we have a wine rack in our dining room with this wooden statue on it.  I often find that my Kiddo has decided to place his stuff on it (although I have no idea why because it's not in the area of traffic flow from room to room).  the other day I laughed when I saw that something was placed behind the little wooden people.  Upon closer inspection...

I found this.  Mr. Noodles was just hanging out behind the wooden people.  (A little addendum - today I found a box of Vinta Crackers there too.  Mr. Noodles and the blue cup are still there.  I think he's storing up for winter or something, but I'm leaving it all there to see how much crap he can accumulate before he picks it up!)


Ahh yes.  So our car was squealing very loudly for a few days.  It got worse and worse.  I decided to take it to a mechanic when it got to a point that I was slouched down in my seat with a ball cap tilted so people couldn't see my face as I drove.  It was that bad.  I was going to book it an appt, but first decided to check with some other folks - my facebook friends.  I posted a message on FB asking what could be making that terrible front end squealing.  Within minutes I had 5 women respond (yes all women!) that it could be the brakes, rotors or a belt.  I knew the tires needed replacing and the brakes would be needing replacement soon, however it didn't make the sound when braking.  I was informed that brakes come with 'squealers" (Not sure if that's the name for it but whatever) that squeal when you need new brakes.  Ummmm isn't that what grinding is for?  I never replaced brakes before until they'd start grinding and shuddering while braking.  Apparently that's not cool.  No wonder my cars fell apart.  Sooo this weekend my hubby bought new brake pads and rotors and replaced ours.  Here is the pic of the old with the new (you figure out which is which).  The thickness of the pad on the top is crazy compared with the tiny sliver left on the bottom one.  I am happy to report that the squeal is gone and we no longer have to pound on the brake petal.  In fact my seatbelt came in handy when I almost went through the windshield when stopping at a light.  Thanks honey!

Just a cute pic of my little patootie.  You can see she's actually getting hair.  Real hair!  Unfortunately it's coming in in a bit of a mohawk, but I've decided to let her rock the mohawk and get some gel (or sweet potatoes - they have the same effect) and spike her hawk!  Pics to come!

"I may not be crawling yet but I'm getting close!"

That ends our brief, chaotic slideshow of my recent photo taking!  Please exit to the right and watch your step.  Thank you for joining us on this journey!

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therealhousewifeofoxfordcounty said...

yeah kiddo i hate washing fruit so way to go!!! I alo feel your pain with a busy little lady!!!

love seeing your pics