Friday, July 15, 2011

I like Him, I Really Like Him

Although my son may drive me drink (copious amounts) some days, he is a really, really good kid.   I don't know how it happened, but he is considerate, helpful, respectful and sociable.  He is not only able to talk to adults, he is actually social and easy to talk to, so most adults that meet him don't mind spending time with him.

He's certainly not perfect (as no one is) but I often feel so lucky that somehow he turned out so well.  I thought I'd blog about it now before he does something to irritate the holy crap out of me and all I want to blog about is what a rotten, ungrateful, sleeping in, texting teenager he is.

So back to sunshine and roses!  He loves his little sister - not so much that he has ever changed a diaper but who can blame him there?  He will watch her for a short while if I need him to and gets down on the floor to play at her level.  Her face lights up when he walks in the room!  I think that gives him a big high too, to see how happy she is when she sees him - it's so sweet!  Yesterday he was holding her and said to me "Do you realize that without you (me), we wouldn't be here?"  I didn't know whether to laugh or cry, so I laughed and asked if he'd just figured that out.  then he took Little Miss in to the bathroom mirror and said, "Without mommy, the mirror would be empty."  Awwww

Earlier in the week, I was having friends over for a swim with their little girl which I told my Kiddo about that morning.  At some point, and without drawing attention to it, he went and tidied his bathroom (as much as a 16 yr old boy can - the inside of the toilet was disease inducing but he made the effort) and put fresh towels and hand towels out.  He also cleaned his room.  There was no need for this but he knew that it would be nice on the off chance they wanted to use the upstairs bathroom.  What an awesome, fabulous kid!  You are always going to love your kids no matter what, but I really, truly like my son...and it's an awesome thing!

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