Thursday, July 14, 2011

She's Getting There

Little Miss is doing her best to get herself mobile, if only to grab at things that she doesn't currently have access too like the remote control, DVD's, newspaper etc.  She's at the point now where she will launch forward at something...kind of dangerous but she doesn't care.  She's also starting to move backwards just a teeny bit, like a backward army crawl.  It doesn't look easy or comfortable but what do ya do?

She occupied herself in the yard yesterday by first trying to eat a crunchy leaf, and then when she decided it was nearly as good as a fig newton, she took time in ripping it to tiny little pieces.  When I picked her up she looked like she had tree confetti all over her.  She was happy though!  Clearly she will not be a tree hugger when she gets older.  If Daddy has his way she'll be a belching, meat eating, swearing machine who doesn't date until she's 40.  She'll wear clothing covering her from her earlobes to her toes and of course they'll be four sizes too big.  She'll study very hard to become a doctor or lawyer, earn a good paycheck and invest wisely so she can retire by 35 and take care of dear old mom and dad.

Who am I kidding - I'd be okay if that last sentence came true!

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NotSoSilentMommy said...

Love this..
My hubby is the same with our girls.. I fear for the day that they want to start making their own decisions!! lol