Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy Canada Day!

What an awesome day!  We woke this morning to zip off to my in laws to visit with them for a bit.  The weather was gorgeous and we sat in the sun and shade for awhile.  Little Miss was in fine form playing with everything and very wiggly for nan and pop!

We brought her in the pool for the first time today - it was a balmy 82 degrees...ahhhh!

She loved the water - we just have to invest in a good floaty thing for her.  She hated the lifejacket because it kept going around her face (even though the sizing was good) so we used an inflatable and just held her which was easier.  She splashed around for quite awhile!  Then she played it cool.

Happy Canada Day to all of my Canuck friends!   Hope it was a great one!

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