Thursday, June 30, 2011

Little Miss is 9 Months!

Hola!  My Little princess is nine months old...and has changed a lot!

Our sweet girl was 7lbs 3oz at birth.  She struck me as being so very tiny - her big brother was 9lbs 2oz so she was almost 2lbs smaller.  Much nicer for mommy I must say!  In looking back at pics it occurs to me that she was a very skinny, long baby.  Almost scrawny!  Her head was teeny but perfectly round, her fingers and toes long and thin.  She was dependent on us for everything and slept a lot!

As of this week she turned 9 months old.  She's now 20lbs 10oz!  Holy smokes!  She can sit like a pro, eat everything we eat (except salad!) and shows a huge preference for mommy!  Mommy sometimes has to go and hide so she can get a little break! LOL  She isn't yet crawling but just this week started to lunge at things she wants, resulting in a couple of head bumps and she launches her body in a certain direction.     She has now decided that she does not like the water running in the's a pretty scary sound, as is the vacuum!  She loves the doggies especially when Cooper is playing with a squeaky toy.  She smiles from ear to ear when happy and giggles like a little freakshow when you tickle her.  She amazes us with her cuteness daily and runs us ragged but we love it!  She has her big brother wrapped so tightly around those long little fingers and he will do almost anything for her (except diaper duty!)

Happy 9 months Princess!  Now off to plan the first birthday party!


dragondreamer said...

how is it that I JUST now find your blog??? LOL! Anyway.. Happy 9Months, Little Miss!! YOU are perfectly Precious!! ♥

Staceroo said...

Hi and welcome!!! Little Miss says 'thank you!' LOL