Saturday, June 11, 2011

80's Anyone?

We had my dear hubby's work group over tonight for a BBQ and swim.  Weather cooperated for the early part of the day but we took shelter in the house through dinner due to the rain.  Hubby's colleague brought her kids who made good use of our pool and trampoline -  also forcing the adults to each take a turn on the trampoline...yikes!

Through the afternoon I plugged in my iPod only realizing too late that my "party mix" had been deleted and all I was left with was an 80's mix.  Bring on Wild Wild West, Jesse's Girl, Dancing With Myself, She Bop, Freeze Frame and Kids In America to name a few.  I apologized for the song selection only to be told that 80's music rocks and it was the best music ever!  Wow!  I mean I know that but it's nice to feel validated! LOL

Off to bed I go, with at least 40 more beer than we purchased in our fridge and several extra bottles of wine...guess we need to have a party!


Disney Redhead said...

I LOVE 80's music!!

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

80s music and a trampoline. Now that sounds like a great party! We're not beer drinkers, but I think anything chocolate could get me pretty buzzed and all of the kids. :)

Staceroo said...

The trampoline was the biggest hit! It's funny to watch full grown business people get down on the trampoline! LOL