Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The World Almost Came To An End

At least that's what you would have thought had you been a fly on my wall last night.  My little sweetie has been battling a cold, and last night, the demon came out...literally.  It started around 3pm when she awoke from her nap.  My normally happy go lucky daughter was whiny...not just whiny but WHIIIIIINEEEEEEEEYYYY!  As long as I held her it wasn't too bad so there went our steak dinner.  I was NOT going to BBQ with a 20lb baby on my hip.

As the afternoon wore on, I started to resent the fact that my dear hubby was at a work function.  Not that he was not at home, but rather that I didn't have a work function so I could escape the madness.  She was having a hard time drinking her bottle because every time she'd take a sip her nose would plug up - I did really feel bad for her...honest!  I did my best to ply her full of juicy food that would make up for the fact that she couldn't drink - she got sweet potatoes, plums, butternut squash and a special "I'm sorry your sick" treat, butterscotch pudding (which she loved!)

The whininess (is that even a word?!?) peaked at around 4:30pm, at which point I attempted to put her down for another short nap...hey you can't blame a girl for trying!

She made it clear that nobody puts baby in a corner, or a crib, so I rescued her.  At around 5:30pm I was somewhat desperate and began my next trick...bathtime!  She liked her bath and it kept the whining to a dull roar, but I think once babies shrivel up to half their size, you probably should take them out of the water, so I reluctantly did.  At 6:45pm I could take no more - she had had some tylenol, another couple of ounces to drink and I whisked her off to bed.  She remained there for 12.5 minutes.  By this time my hubby was home and he tried to give me a break, but our sweet girl is going through the "OHMYGODIWANTMOMMYANDNOBODYELSEWILLDO" I got her back.  Again.

We tried another snack but she would melt down if I even tried to adjust her position to feed her.  We employed the next weapon in our small aresenal - a walk.  The slight breeze on a somewhat muggy evening proved to be very welcome and she was happy as a clam (by the way, who decided clams were happy anyway?) until we were on our way back home and she got bit by a mosquito.  Argh!  Poor little pumpkin - she was so miserable and that just set off the landslide.  Once home she cried, screamed, choked, and coughed until she vomited and then did it all again - she was sooo miserable.  There was nothing we could do.  We tried walking with her, rocking her, singing to her, shhhing her - I finally gave up and handed her off to Daddy who tried all of the above again.  Finally at 10pm she drank a couple of more ounces and passed out from exhaustion.

I was dazed, shellshocked.  Literally I could not move.  I thought about opening a case bottle of wine but couldn't muster the strength to use the corkscrew.  (*note to self: buy twist top wine*)  But the world did not end, and with the dawn of a new day today, my happy little turtle was back in fine form with smiles, giggles and shrieks of joy!  Thank goodness because I haven't made it to the liquor store yet!


therealhousewifeofoxfordcounty said...

OMG.. that is horrible.. poor girl but more so POOR MOMMY!!

Staceroo said...

She's starting to feel better thank goodness - my LCBO gift card is running low!

Anonymous said...

Oh my, I'm laughing at your description, but I feel so sorry for the little pumpkin. We've had days like that too and they're just rotten for everyone. Glad she's on the mend and you still have your sanity (as much as you can with a babe anyway.)
Kristy (reddlox)