Friday, June 10, 2011

Going Somewhere?

The other day I was getting the stroller out of the back of the car to take Little Miss and my doggies for a walk.  I have a system...get the stroller set up, get Little Miss in it, let the doggies into the garage, put their leashes on them, tie the leashes together (easier to control with the stroller) and off we go.

When my Dear Hubby opened the door to see if I needed help, Cooper got a little excited.

Yep - he's somehow managed to find the one space left in the back of the car.  He could not turn around and had a hard time getting out...I had to pull the stroller out for him to get out.

Believe it or not, this same dog will not jump over a laundry basket to get past it - if it blocks a doorway he's stuck there until we rescue him, and yet he can leap with precision into a tiny little space like this.  I guess it's all a matter of motivation!


Azhita said...

Bahahaha!!! Too funny! Four-legged babies are as funny as the two-legged variety sometimes.

Disney Redhead said...

Such a gorgeous dog. I can't remember if I've asked before or not...but what breed is he?

Staceroo said...

Thanks - yes those four legged babies sure keep us on our toes some days!
When we got him we were told he was a golden retriever/lab mix, and I saw the mom who was a lab. As he grew however it became apparent that there is definitely some shepherd in him as well.