Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to all of the wonderful daddies out there!  We stopped at the Farmer's Market today to see my daddy!  I was the first daughter to arrive so I get the 'best daughter' prize! :)

My dear Hubby got this from our little princess (I helped a bit)

It's not a fabulous picture (the glass in the frame is reflecting a lot)  but you get the point!  I love it so much I'm going to make one for myself with her name letters for my office when I (gasp) have to go back to work!

Last night we had my two step sons and their girlfriends over as well as my father and mother in law for a BBQ. All went well, the kids swam in the pool and jumped on the trampoline and the elders chatted.  A fabulous steak and chicken BBQ was enjoyed by all and the only casualty of the night was the stupid mini cake desserts which melted into small puddles of mousse mush...they still got eaten so it wasn't a total loss but I was not happy!!

Hope all of your dad's, baby daddies, brothers, uncles and other men in your life have a wonderful day today!  And tell them to take it easy - not lawn cutting or house can wait until tomorrow!

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