Thursday, June 9, 2011

Laughing Gas

My kiddo had a very early dentist appointment today...very early.  He was nervous because he needed to get his second filling.  The first was at the age of 7 when he had a cavity behind his front teeth.  It was basically a hole and the dentist thought it might have been related to some fevers he'd had when his teeth would have been growing.  At the time, the dentist wanted to use laughing gas since that is a painful spot to get needles.  My kiddo didn't like the idea but agreed to it and they started.....but, seconds into it my kiddo started having chest pains - it looked very much like an anxiety attack to me, but to be safe the dentist would not proceed with the gas.  My brave boy got his needle and all was fine.  He told me later that he thought he might die if they gave him gas.  I felt so bad for him that he thought we were putting him to sleep.  Eeeps!  I'd have chest pains too!

He's had relatively good teeth, but now, years later he needed another filling.  The dentist again wanted to use the gas, and this time my kiddo agreed...for real.  That said, I told him he didn't need to do it but he said he'd try it.  We arrived early but he didn't want to go we waited in the car.  Finally he made his way in, and I took Little Miss to go wait in the waiting room.

30 Minutes later he appeared in the doorway.  He sort of danced back and forth and would not come and sit down.  I went to pay and he took Little Miss.  I asked "Should you be holding her?" not actually knowing the aftereffects of laughing gas.  He chirped - "I'm fine"

We left the office and here is a recap of our drive home...

Me: "How'd it go?"
Kiddo: "Grrreat!"
Me: laughing
Kiddo: "What?  Why are you looking at me like that?"
Me: "No it went alright?"
Kiddo: "I looove the gas...It's so great."
Me: laughing again "Okaaay."
Kiddo: "I'm not drunk...or high or anything...really!"
Me: "Okay, did you feel anything?"
Kiddo: "I was floating, like my body, and my arms and legs got so tingly"

While he speaks it sounds like he's drunkenly laughing.

Kiddo: "I didn't know I could talk but I could, and I could move.  I moved my arm and then was like shocked that I could move and I thought 'Whoa'"

All the while I was trying so hard not to laugh.

Kiddo: "And then the dentist asked me if I was okay, but I didn't answer him because I didn't know if I could talk and I didn't want to sound like an idiot.  Then he asked again and I said 'yes' and I was like 'whoa' cause I could actually talk."
Me: "That sounds pretty weird."
Kiddo: "Ya, and I didn't know I could open my eyes but I could, and I might have fallen asleep but I don't know, and I think the dentist left the room because he didn't talk for a long time but then he talked and I went 'whoa' that he was still there.  My spit is numby, uh I mean my spit is numbing my throat, I mean my tongue is numbing my throat."

By this time he's laughing at himself and still completely enamoured at the laughing gas.

Me: "Don't do drugs."
Kiddo: "Of course I'm not going to do drugs, but I will get that laughing gas every appointment from now that was cool!"

Uh oh.


Azhita said...

Bahahahaha!!!! That's awesome. Maybe I should keep some on hand for when my boys are driving me bonkers...not sure if I'd give it to them or me

Disney Redhead said...

Reminds me of that video of the kid after the dentist. Too funny.

My dentist never offered gas. I had to have 5 baby teeth and 4 permanent teeth pulled before I got braces...but the gas was never an option for some reason. Crazy.

Staceroo said...

After hearing about it I think I'd try it too! LOL It's never been an option offered to me (and I have had extensive dental work) and it turns out you can't drive home after - which is probably a good thing considering! I saw a few of those videos on Youtube - some of them are really funny (or disturbing lol)

Vernell Leider said...

Hahaha, the combination of kids and laughing gas at the dentist can be really hilarious! In any case, the gas is a great help for kids and adults. Of course, the adults better have someone to come with them when laughing gas is involved, to make sure they can go home without any problems.