Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Girls Night Recap

I spent Saturday night with the ladies - my mom, 5 of my aunties, my sister, four cousins and one brave cousin in law!  I say brave because the 'reply all' emails that were flying around would have been enough to scare off a grown man...well, they did scare off grown men, but that's another story!  But she was brave and joined us to be officially initiated!

We all met up at my Auntie J's cottage, about an hour away from where most of us live.  It was a beautiful sunny afternoon and upon arriving we found all of the aunties up on the balcony, and all of the younguns on the lawn.  Apparently there was a hierarchy...or the younguns were just to smart to stand on the balcony for fear falling off of it!

Although I was strictly warned that "What happens at the lake, stays at the lake" I am going to offer a small recap of the festivities (with names removed of course...but you know who you are!!!):

- My cousin in law had an awful lot of funny penis stories from her work in the urology department (broken penises *are* possible) and she also brought a lawn game that involves swinging golf balls on strings -  ...coincidence...I think not!

- I almost killed my Auntie J when I placed a small bug on a string near her and began to move it...luckily she did not lunge towards the unstable railing or I might be feeling very badly right now!

- Did you know that you can fart silently if you pull your cheeks apart...yes that was courtesy of my cousin who apparently learned that trick from her dad and was kind enough to share.

- Margarita shaped cake pops with vodka in them may not get you drunk but they are awfully tasty!

- Air mattresses should be set up ahead of time to avoid tromping through the cottage like a herd of elephants at 2am.

- Mommies with small babies drink the most.

- My cousin steals the best air mattress when you are not paying attention...you know who you are missy!

- You need to get there early to hear the best penis stories.

- My auntie puts large pieces of furniture in the way in case intruders need to sit and rest.

- *Some people* launch logs into the campfire so it's best to stand back to avoid a wall of fire.

- Aunties and mommies who get up for the day at FOUR AM ought to be silent...or go for a walk!  Just sayin... :)

- My car is a great place to catch a tiny bit more sleep while the aforementioned aunties are chatting away inside.

- My sister somehow lost a big chunk of memory on the drive home...good thing I was driving!

- It is awfully heartwarming to catch up with so many of my female relatives...Grandma would be so pleased and proud!

All in all it was tons of fun with very little sleep.  Looking forward to next year!


Anonymous said...

LOL LOL LOL LOL - I am laughing so hard at my desk right now! Stacey you captured it all pretty good and no names were mentioned to protect the innocent! Aren't you glad you ended up with the quietest one in the car with you!!! That's all I'm saying! Good job on this and thanks for sharing! :-)

Sweet Tooth Cake Pops said...

HA! by 'stealing' the best air mattress, didn't know I was allowing 'someone' to continually bounce on it while I was trying to sleep! You're just mad you didn't come up with your own snoring excuse so that you could have it! LOL

Thanks for capturing the memories, truly an awesome weekend!!

Holly said...

Such an awesome weekend~ You captured it perfectly...keeping more stories aside for next time!!! Fabulous blog and memories Stacey~ Glad I made it out, now officially family~

therealhousewifeofoxfordcounty said...

lol that made my day!! Love this and wasn't even there.. GREAT POST

Staceroo said...

It was good times - and I keep remembering more tidbits and giggling to myself!