Thursday, June 23, 2011

Mmmm Dog Hair

My doggies are pretty friendly and overall they are only interested in Little Miss if she smells like food.  Then they want to lick her little fingers or toes.  I will often sit with Little Miss to play on the floor and the dogs will come over and lay beside us, making me feel very popular for once in my life.  Four living, breathing beings in my house and we are all in a 3x3 square on the living room floor.

Today while Little Miss played I happened to look at her hand and saw a giant fistful of dog fur.  I took it out of her hand and she continued to play.  I laughed when I noticed what she was doing.  While focusing her attention on her toys, she would reach to the side where Charly was laying and grab a fistful of fur and pull.  It didn't bother Charly at all - she didn't even look up, but each time Little Miss got more and more fur.  It was much more effective than the furminator brush we paid $30 for!  I had to put an end to all the fun however when Little Miss then decided that the fur might taste good...yuck!

I'm sure she'll get her fair share of dog fur in her mouth but it *might* make me a bad mommy to stand by and watch it happen!


therealhousewifeofoxfordcounty said...

when the Toad (who of course go the name from that HUGE stuffed frog :) + his personality)was a baby we had a dog an older one who would let him do ANYTHING to him and we would find the dog hair in his diaper and everywhere ha ha you try but really that is all you can do.. ha ha..
Have a great weekend lady

Staceroo said...

In his diaper?!? Guess we have a lot to look forward to! LOL You have a great weekend too!