Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Push My Buttons

How in the name of sweet talullah did my teenaged son learn to so effectively push my buttons that I found myself in the doorway of his room willing myself with every fibre of my being not to throw the bottle of contact lens solution in my hand at his head.  Seriously and truly, I saw myself hurl it at him, I saw the bottle make contact with his snarky mouth, and I saw that it felt so good.  So good that I had to walk away, calmly and slowly to my room before I did something that I may or may not regret but could surely get me arrested.

Add to this the fact that his aunt is taking him to NYC tomorrow and I have already threatened to take away the trip.  Of course I can't - the tickets are paid for are everything is set so unless I want to ruin everyone's weekend, I will not remove that.  I took his phone away and sent him to his room to study for his exam for the night.  I am not satisfied with that however I have decided to drop it for tonight, because my desire to throw something at him is so strong that I just might.  Sigh.


Azhita said...

Boooo...children can really bring out in us sometimes. I find it helpful to punch something...or drink At least you can get away from it this weekend! ;)

NotSoSilentMommy said...

I'm so very scared to get to that point with my girls!! Good luck!

Staceroo said...

Thanks - fortunately it's a rare thing for my kiddo, usually when he is going through some kind of change like starting high school or getting his driver's license. He seems to get a bit too big for his britches and it comes out behaviourally. He apologized today and things seem back to normal...whew!