Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bubble Bubble Toil and Trouble

Yesterday, I decided to get moving on making more baby food.  I debated whether I ought to, since Little Miss is now eating a lot of 'real' food, but she still has no teeth, and she is still learning how to gum something to death.  the result is the odd gag reflex when she hasn't gummed it enough.  I realize she has to learn, but she's not quite 8 months and I'm not going to rush her, so we (I) continue to make baby food.

I had purchased avocado a week ago, and decided to start with that, because quite frankly, I hadn't gone to the grocery store yet to buy anything else.  I pulled ou the bag and saw that they were black...and soft.  I wondered if I'd waited too long but upon cutting them open, they seemed fine.  Mushy for sure but I was *pretty* sure they would not kill Little Miss.  At least I hoped.  She got fussy just then so I fed her an entire half of an avocado right out of the peel - pretty cool, and she loved it. 

After the store I proceeded to do apples with cinnamon and pears, both of which went well.  Today, I decided to make some corn, which looks absolutely disgusting, but she seems to find it palatable.  Thank god I don't have to eat it because it looks like it is yellow, chunky mush with bits of yellow paper all through it.  Mind over matter perhaps but my mind wins in this case!

Later on I realized I'd bought a huge bag of plums yesterday and had nowhere in the fridge for them, so I set to work peeling and steaming them.  As the steamer was coming to an end, I happened to glance over and see this

What is it you might wonder.  Well that's exactly what I was wondering as well...what the h-e-double hockey sticks was happening in my steamer?!?  Here's a closer look for you, since I myself had to lean in closer...

I had a moment of panic when I wondered if I'd rinsed the dish soap off of it, but realized that I had.  I can only guess that the foam is from the juice of the plums, but gosh it is so not appetizing!  Luckily this is another item that my princess gets to eat, and hopefully she will love, because she will never know that they were all foamy and soapy looking...nor will she care!

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