Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Still Here!

Ahh, I finally have a minute and thought I'd post an update.  First of all my 10K run did not, to my surprise kill me.  As of last night though I kind of wished it had.  Holy bananas I was sore - mainly going up and down stairs.  That said, it inspired me to get my butt in gear again so that's what I'm gonna do...just as soon as I am not walking bowlegged!

Little Miss is still sick - she's had three very restless nights with fussing and crying all. night. long.  I keep the baby monitor near me mainly because when she's stuffed up she has trouble breathing sometimes.  I worry that she might choke on all that extra phlegm, so I listen for her breathing...The worst night I was up at least four times checking on her.  All in all she was up every 30-45 minutes fussing...it makes for a very sleepy Little Miss and a very sleepy mommy.

She is learning to share which is so sweet.  She has graciously shared her cold with me, so yes, I too am stuffed up, have a sore throat and headache.  Sigh.   And the weather has just turned nice after 40 days of rain...oh well, hopefully it's a nice long summer.

My kiddo brought home papers last night for a school trip next year to Europe...specifically Germany and France.  He'd had the opportunity to go this year to Greece (which I would die to go to) but he knew that next year was Germany and he's very interested in world history and war history, so Germany won.  I am nervous about this trip - it's well organized and they've been doing them for many years, but the thought of my baby flying across an ocean with out me is very scary.  The fact that both he and I are nervous fliers doesn't help matters.  And of course we have to pay for this trip - that scares me too! LOL

As I sit here typing, I looked up (and I honestly cannot think of why I would look at the ceiling while typing but anyways) and saw a huge dust bunny/cobwebby thing on my wall...I guess that's what my day has in store for me...who the hell looks at your ceiling anyways?  I don't wash walls very often - except the time I dropped the ketchup bottle from a height of 4 feet and it exploded and shot ketchup through my kitchen like someone had just been shot...I found ketchup on the ceiling, walls, cabinets, stove and entirely up my body.  Usually when the walls need a good washing...I paint them.  Yep. 

Happy Tuesday peeps!

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therealhousewifeofoxfordcounty said...

ah buddy I hope you and Little Miss start to feel better... I hope the sun makes you feel a bit better :)