Saturday, May 28, 2011

Why Is Blogger Acting Up?

I'm a bit frustrated at Blogger - I have tried to make comments on other people's blogs and noticed that there seems to be a problem.  I will write my comment and then it asks me to sign in...I do and then I have to enter a verification word...I do and then I am back to being asked to sign in.  It is an endless loop.  I googled and saw that many people were having the same issue, but it appears it's not been fixed.  You also can't see anything under "followers" on said blogs - and now I can't see my own followers.  Grrr!

Fix it please Blogger!  Thank you!


therealhousewifeofoxfordcounty said...

staceroo I want to scream about these same issues.. what is up with blogger.. I know two blogs i follow that are leaving cuss of it.. yikes..
This is Nic from Real Housewife... happy saturday friend

Heather said...

Ive had a lot of people say they are switching blogs around. I hope they get the kinks fixed because i'd hate to be that one that switches too but its unlikely i switch EVER haha.