Friday, May 27, 2011

Nom Nom Nom

My sweet girl is eating us out of house and home...seriously, there are meal times that I make her stop and take a break for fear that her not-so-tiny belly will explode.  It's a bit worrisome sometimes when introducing new foods to baby, because I worry about choking and allergies, but so far so good.

So far some favourites include:

mashed potatoes
Kraft Dinner (So bad I know!)
baked beans
toast with jam
grilled cheese
sweet potato
fresh cooked green and yellow beans
ice cream
Baby Mum Mums (a rice cracker-type thing that tastes like styrofoam packing popcorn but melts in baby's mouth)

Some that did not go over so well include:

green beans (pureed)
corn (pureed)
dill pickles
plain pasta

The face immediately after she tasted the dill pickle. 
The camera wasn't fast enough to capture the really funny face just a second before!

She is starting to prefer 'real food' as opposed to the baby foods.  I've noticed that the last few times we've tried her banana flavoured rice cereal she is not loving it, but I made her Weetabix this morning and she devoured it!  Yesterday I tried to feed her pureed bananas (store bought) but she was having none of that!  Last night I cut up a banana and she couldn't get enough.  She tried to feed herself but kept accidentally squashing it in her hands.  (Note to self - no small pets for awhile)

We try not to give her much sugar or processed crap but now and then we have tried some - like chocolate pudding and Kraft Dinner - both a big hit.

All in all it's a ton of fun trying new things and watching her expressions as she decides whether to eat it or shudder from head to toe.

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