Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Weigh In Wednesday

Well, although I weighed in last week I don't think I posted about it.  It was really just a bad week and I felt it important to still weigh in but didn't have the heart to put it in writing.  I did really well over Easter although my exercise was non existent, but by Easter Monday I was hit with a sinus type cold and felt like a bag of dirt.  Like not the nice gardening soil you buy in the bags, but the nasty dirt you find under neath large rocks with slimy bugs crawling around with more legs than you thought possible.

This is when it went off the rails; when I am sick I eat what I want to eat, what will go down, stay down and make me feel better.  Generally this means soup with lots of crackers, pasta (which I mostly avoid) and white bread (which I also avoid unless hungover - then it's no holds barred!).  I really don't care when I am sick because I figure if some toast and peanut butter feels good, then so be it! LOL

That said - it made a direct impact on the scale and i went up 3 lbs!  How many freakin carbs did I eat?  I was irritated but knew it wasn't permanent "real" weight - nevertheless I knew this week had to be different.  I began to feel like crawling out of my little hole by Friday and while I had no energy to exercise, I started trying to eat better.  By Monday of this week I realized that the only way to fully get back on track was to start calorie counting again.  I'd rather jam screwdrivers through my eyeballs than calorie count, but I found a fabulous site that tracks it all for you so I guess I'll put the toolbox away for awhile.  The site is Spark people and you can track food intake, exercise and find all kinds of videos, hints and tips to get you motivated.

I am still working on the motivation to get back to working out.  Yesterday I forced myself to do 30 minutes on the treadmill, and did so (yay) but holy crap it was hard.  I never got that "woohoo" feeling so the whole 30 minutes was a killer, but I did it and that's what counts!

All this to say that I have lost that extra 3lbs and am again at the same weight as two weeks ago - I am thrilled with that and feel like I am back on track.  It's not a race but a marathon, and I'm still going!

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