Thursday, May 26, 2011

Through the Eyes Of A Child (Thank God I Don't Look Like That!)

I was looking through some old things I found recently and realized that, when my son was little he may have seen me differently than I saw myself.  You see, I knew I'd like to lose a couple of pounds, and perhaps tame the curly mop on  my head, but I was pretty happy with myself until I saw how he saw me.

He did love me (although I'm now not sure how I didn't cause him nightmares).  With my little beady eyes, twisted nose and missing limbs.  Perhaps I had a sheet over my head when he drew the picture?  I guess my mouth is a bit twisted as well...  and maybe I was wearing a Snuggie - that's why I have no feet.  In any case, he did love me - I guess I can find comfort in that.

His Grade 1 Journal revealed some serious spelling issues - I suppose it was normal, and the teacher did not focus on spelling too much but gosh it's funny now.  Take homework piece number 1 below.

It was Teddy Bear Day at school, and they got to wear pyjamas and bring a teddy bear.  For some reason they had to go see the 'pransbl' but it doesn't indicate why.  Perhaps it was because of the 'war' over pj's.  Clearly he was 'heavi' fun though - that counts for something!

Homework assignment number 2 was to make a list of "Spring Words".  Besides the fact that it looks like Noah's Ark exploded on paper, something else caught my eye.  Can you see it?

Let me give you a hint.  It looks like a UFO on the right of the page.  Yes ladies and gentlemen, my kiddo listed a lamb, calf, piglet, blossom, buds, snake, bird, ants, snails, insects, caterpillar, garden, flowers, todas (toads), flies, grass, bumble bees, rabbits and wasps - all great spring things.  The final  Cause when you think of spring the first thing that pops into your mind is hockey right?  And the UFO thing is a strangely shaped hockey rink that clearly looks like it's hovering above the piglet on the ground. 

Our final exhibit today is my favourite.  Mainly because it was somewhat cryptic and took some careful studying to decipher.  It is about his 'Grapap' getting a 'lonchrackter'.  That's right, sound it out.  Need some help?  Actually to be honest, if you sound it out it makes sense why he spelled it that way...I just wonder how many glasses of wine I'd had to not force him to fix it at the time...but alas, what would we giggle at now?

This one is a bit difficult to see so I am going to rewrite it in all it's glory so you can enjoy it as much as I have.

        I Got A Lonchrackter

My Grapap bot a trakter.  The blad can go up and down.  I got to sit on all of tham.  I piritant to girve all of tham.  I went to lots of plases.  I had fun. I wish (and this is how it ended.)

Now  clearly he is referring to a lawn tractor, and I *think* it is when he went shopping with Grandpa and Grandma when he refers to sitting on all of them.  I do love how he pretends (piritant) but I am not sure what he was giving (girve).

My favourite part of this whole thing however is how, if you look closely you will see that my kiddo has written an "X" on every second line of the text perhaps to remind himself to skip a line.  The teacher has circled an "x" and asks "Why do you have all these "x's"?  Are they necessary?  And at some point, my little kiddo wrote 'No'.  I died laughing at what the teacher must have thought about his seemingly snarky but probably very innocent response.

Ahhh sometimes you gotta laugh and if you can't laugh at your own kids, who can you laugh at?


Disney Redhead said...

How funny. I found a little booklet with pages just like that. It was mine from 1st grade, I think.

Staceroo said...

So much fun to see what little ones write and think about! And sooo funny years later!