Friday, May 20, 2011

I remember way back when my 16 yr old son was a little guy, and he loved to help me in the kitchen.  He loved to wash dishes (plastic only) and bake.  He especially loved to lick the beaters from the mixer. 

Tonight, I was making some cupcakes for a friend's birthday, and chatting with my hubby about how I couldn't wait for Little Miss to be a bit older and be able to bake with me.  As I turned on the mixer, she stared at me with a look of horror in her eyes, perhaps wondering what the very loud machine was and what I was doing with it.  When I was finished mixing, I was surprised to see my 16 yr old kiddo standing right beside me. 

I asked, "What's up?"  since he'd been in his man cave in the basement.  He replied, "I heard the mixer."  Yes ladies and gentlemen, my 16 yr old was lured to the kitchen by the sound of the mixer hoping to be rewarded with a cake batter bounty...and he was.  He stood there licking the beaters, the bowl and the spoon for quite some time and then proclaimed that he wanted to bake cookies. 

I guess he's still my little boy now and then!

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