Friday, May 27, 2011

Jaws Attacks

My baby girl has teefers!  yep!  Pearly whites!  Chicklets!  Chompers!  Gnashers!  Ivories!

Hard to see I know but they are there!

Two nights ago I thought I could feel a tooth in the front bottom area, but my dear hubby could not.  Of course Little Miss was super fussy and did not seem to enjoy me prodding and feeling around the inside of her mouth...go figure!

Yesterday morning, I felt again and sure enough, she bit me.  That little tooth was through and it was sharp!  She seemed much happier but I could see the white of the next tooth sitting right there, ready to join the Lonely Soldier Up Above.

Sure enough, this morning I was reaching for something and my sweet Little Miss leaned forward, grabbed my finger and chomped down.  Apparently she is a cannibal who cannot get enough of human flesh.  It seemed as though she had developed super human tooth strength overnight, and upon close examination I saw that tooth number two had already arrived!  And she's been super happy ever since!

I guess you can't blame her - who wants to be toothless?

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therealhousewifeofoxfordcounty said...

We are living the same life.. Camryn just bite Rob ha ha we were sitting here and she was on the floor moved over and too a jab at his foot ha ha ...

Big day for Little Miss.. and mommy!! She will be talking to boys on the phone before you know it..