Monday, May 16, 2011


I have not been feeling like blogging.  At all.  So I haven't! LOL  I guess with the weather getting nicer, I've spent more time enjoying the great outdoors.  Yesterday, today and for the next few days it is raining, so I'm hoping to catch up, upload some pics and get on with it!

Now, what possesses people to park badly? (Nice segue, don't you think?)  I'm not talking just a tiny bit crooked, but those whose cars are practically sideways in between the white lines, or whose passenger side is thisclose to the one next to them.  So that the only way for that person to get into their car is to climb in through the passenger side of their own car, with their skirt flying upwards and flashing their white underwear with pink hearts for all to see?  Just sayin.

Last time I had some jerk park thisclose to me, I wished I'd had my camera with me for photographic proof.  Instead I came home and googled and found this site.  I had fun looking through pics of bad parkers and realizing that it is nothing personal against me!

Off to make some baby food and put away the groceries that have spent the afternoon strewn across my front hall.

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therealhousewifeofoxfordcounty said...

I hear you on the weather and blogin.. it is soo nice out (well not this week)