Monday, April 11, 2011


My honey bought me flowers the other day...well, he bought flowers for a good cause and handed them to me, so I guess that squeaks by in the category of 'sweet' but not quite in the 'romantic' category!  Sorry dear!

They unfortunately didn't last too long, and within days were starting to droop and wrinkle like a little old lady.  I got up at some ungodly hour to get some water one night when I was fighting to sleep and insomnia was kicking my a$$. 

I saw this

The flower closest to me at the sink was gorgeous!  Absolutely stunning.  All of the flowers had been shriveling, so I am not sure why or how this beauty sprung to life, but I had to grab the camera and capture the beauty.  You can see the crinkly flowers behind it, while this one stands proud and strong, almost glowing!

I smiled for the rest of the night!

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