Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Breathe, Crazy Lady

I'm an idiot.  Truly.  Lately I find myself getting worked up at things I never used to, be it someone cutting me off in traffic, bad customer service or other people's stupidity mistakes.  I used to be a pretty laid back crackjack, so the only explanation I can think of is that I have too much time on my hands.  hahahaha  Okay, that made me laugh.

Today, I decided to return something at the mall...this is a big step for me since I am trying to save money and avoiding anyplace that sells, well stuff.  I brought my Moby wrap so I could carry my little bean around, forcing myself to get some exercise while I browsed.  All went pretty well while I got Little Miss into the wrap, but I didn't realize that I had done it wrong until I almost dropped her head first into the toilet bowl...almost, I said!

So, all firmly secured, we ventured into store after store, window shopping while we tried to find the store I needed.  I cannot tell you how many people either talked to my Little Miss or smiled at her along the way.  It's kind of fun making so many people smile!  We went by the Toys R Us and of course had to go look around.  I almost bought many things but just couldn't justify the cost.  As we were leaving, I noticed a small wagon with Mega Bloks inside on clearance (regular $29.98 down to $14.98).  There were pastel coloured ones that were mostly blues and greens, and one pink one with various shades of pink.  I grabbed the pink one, wandered again through the baby toys and made my way to the cash.  While standing in line balancing a knapsack, shopping bag, wagon and with a baby hanging off the front of me, I became a bit distracted by the guy behind me trying to touch my baby.  I know she's cute, but it bugs me when strangers try to touch her for many reasons not the least of which is the title "stranger".  I sort of smiled at him and turned a bit away so he couldn't touch her, pretending to rifle through my bag for my wallet.  As the cashier rang us up she told me the total and I paid, but in the back of my mind something didn't seem right.

We made our way back to our car, me carrying enough to make a camel envious, and got everything loaded in without breaking it (baby included).  Once home, it hit me like a ton of bricks.  If the item was only $14.98, and my total was somewhere around $29.00...that's an awful lot of tax!  I found my receipt and sure enough, I did not get the clearance price, only a small advertised discount of $4.50.  I called the store and tried to explain that I may have overpaid to the girl that answered.  She asked me to hold while she transferred me to the Lego supervisor.  Yes, they have a Lego Supervisor...I wonder if he has a nametag that says "Tom, Lego Supervisor".

The Lego guy comes on and I explain again what has happened.  Tom tells me that the item is not on sale, that the regular price is $29.98 and clearly I got a good deal.  I again explain that I paid $10.00 more than the clearance price and ask him to check the sign on the floor.  As I'm explaining it, I realize my mistake.  All they have to do is say they don't see the sign and I am done.  Tom puts me on hold, and runs off to his Lego department.  Awhile later he comes back on and tells me that the one I purchased was not on sale and that again, I got a very good deal.  At this point I want to tell Tom to take a flying leap, but instead I again explain that I saw the sign and it was clearly on sale.  A guy in the background starts saying "If one is on sale they all are" but Tom insists that the one I bought is not on sale.  I want to yell at Tom.  I want to tell him to take his tiny Lego head and shove it up his big, old Lego a$$...but I don't.  Instead I say thank you and hang up the phone.

Rather than relax about it I start to stew.  Realistically the thought of paying $10.00 more for an item, any item than someone else kills me.  That's why I hate buying cars.  I feel the need to get the best deal out there, even if it means we negotiate for 37 days.

After another 4 minutes I can't take it any longer.  I ask my kiddo to watch Little Miss and off I go, back to the mall...yes twice in one day!  I manage to find a great parking spot which is a huge bonus at this point!  I go into Toys R Us determined to be polite but insist that they owe me money.  I go to the desk and tell the girl what happened.  She tells me to go take a look.  As soon as I approach the shelf, I realize my mistake.  there were four signs, all of them very specific to the fact that only the pastel toy is on sale, not the pink one.  I feel a bit silly now.  I pick up a pastel one, and realize that the reason they are on clearance is because there are only two left and they are filthy...the wheels look like a child has taken them for a ride around a fairground.  Sigh.

The drive home is very peaceful...I have no frustration, no irritation...perhaps a bit of embarrassment, but overall, it's a nice drive.  I really must try eating crow a little more often...it seems to calm me very nicely!

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